Hi everybody how’s it going? Welcome back to GTA San Andreas and our 100% playthrough where today we will be
taking on the fourth and final Stadium Mission which is called Dirt Track. You
can find it once again here at the Las Venturas Stadium over at the Blackfield area same as where we did the last one and
you can only do this one on Mondays and Wednesdays I believe it is. Yes Wednesdays.
So hold L1 if you play on the console and it will tell you what day it is and so
you can only do that on these specific days. So here we go let’s do Dirt Track.
This is another bike one they’re similar to the first stadium mission but we’re
on dirt bikes instead of cars so here we go
six laps twelve riders pure chaos might take me forever to do this because again
quite luck based also I noticed that for some reason that happens a lot yeah but
also there’s a specific part of this race where people seem to fool off all
the time it’s just in a minute over this big jump of some reason the other
drivers always seem to do that massively crash into each other I don’t know why
that is there seems to do it on every single lap yeah I don’t know why
it’s probably some sort of weird programming thing I don’t know maybe
their bike skills are just rubbish I’m not sure but yeah it’s very strange
oops I know we were doing so well but nevermind because they will crash on
that bit again so while we write the back undid all that good work from early
on yeah our biking skill isn’t that high
which is kind of annoying because it means if we crash we’ll probably come
off the bike which is a shame but yes not that jump it’s um the next big jump
in a minute they will all crash I don’t know why this weird I mean it helps us
out a lot it’s this big jump here they go they all crash run that guy over yeah it’s still fifth day so we’ve got a
lot of work to do the guy at the air horns back yet by what I guess it could
be a lady as well I don’t know who it is they’re annoying
whoever they are they should probably stop ringing that air horn yeah this on
lap 2 I mean we’ve got a chance we have got a chance I always really really
struggled with this one as a kid it’s quite is quite enough to erase this guy
with the UM the mobile seems to be our rival at climbing hopefully he’s gonna
crash on the fear and hopefully the guys in front of in a crash on that bit as
well don’t crash into me mate you crashing take yourself out please here we go he’s gonna crash he’s crashed
yeah there we go it’s pure chaos with forth I don’t know there they are
I don’t know whether they those people up front crash as well but they’re just
so far ahead that we’re not reeling them back in I’m not really sure
shut up with the air horn and so yeah I guess we could technically lure them in
if they do always crash as long as we don’t keep crashing ourselves we can
slowly lure them in I guess or reel them in is probably a better term anon GT use
there then lure them in as if we’re trying to lay a trap for them or
something as usual I’m trying crap I always do
that when I’m trying to concentrate on my playthroughs if you’re new to this
video welcome expects me to talk a lot of crap in a lot of videos yeah what can
I say are up to third you guys enjoy it I have fun playing the games you have
fun watching it it works alright good on lap four yeah we’ve got
a chance we have got a chance because they’re going to keep crashing and so
our bike skills gone up nice that will help ban banner horns in this place I don’t
know if there’s somebody finishing a lap or something that makes them ring that I
really don’t know if this very frustrated new best lap time we’re
getting faster so it’s a good thing isn’t it right oh wow we nearly lost
control of it something crashed behind us I heard that although both us right okay now it’s
just a case of focusing focusing don’t let the other guys wind me up just focus
on what we’re doing if they overtake from it and then they overtake screw you
me that’s not fair if they overtake them they overtake it’s
something we can’t control just gotta focus on our own race they’re gonna keep
crashing opening on that big jump so you just literally got to do what
we’re going to do be but going first is quiet fair way ahead
here but if he crashes is all good for us all right jumps coming up we’re going to
get the guy in second at least right guy in first it’s just gone over he’s fees
off Wow guy and second didn’t come off from you
there I’m sensing cheating right on the final lap as well so that’s not ideal
just realized her and the final lap okay it’s gonna be close
we might get it on the first attempt who might not I’m not expecting to get it on
the first attempt so I’m not putting myself under any pressure I’m just going
to enjoy the race and enjoy the rest of it we’re gonna have fun don’t think
we’ve got any more of that second jump way it looks like we’ve done it first
attempts guys $25,000 wow that was not too bad at all I mean if they didn’t
keep crashing on that ramp then it wouldn’t have gone so well so this is
what we are not for doing that by the way this rather cool thing here the bf
injection or beef injection whatever you wanna you wanna call it if this is one
we look I’m not I’m actually no I didn’t show this at the end of the video
because it didn’t spawn in but yeah the dune that’s what you get for complete in
the third stadium mission so a couple of new vehicles that will always spawn here
for us and that’s all the stadium missions done now they m1 quite as bad
as I was expecting we’ve still got the truck emissions to do well probably look
at maybe doing some of those next I don’t know but let’s check us that
screen we are now up to fifty four point five five percent complete we’re um
speeding up a little bit aren’t we we’ll get in there but that is going to do it
for this episode guys so as always thank you very much for watching if you
enjoyed the video click on that like bun really does help the channel to grow so
I do appreciate it make sure you hit that subscribe button
and the notification but if you or just haven’t already done so and I’ll see you
all next time

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