CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA3900M Gaming PC Overview

CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA3900M Gaming PC Overview

This is a review of the cyber power of PC three nine zero zero which was on sale at Micro center for $499 and basically when you turn it on this is what it looks like and I just go over a few basic things About what it looks like the front the back [the] top and the inside So then we open this panel the side panel It’s actually made of real glass. It’s it’s heavy and As soon as you open [these] or thumb screws it just falls off. It’s quite. Heavy and it comes with a lot [of] Plastic the packing and we have to kind of remove it It doesn’t come [off] easily you have to like use our nails to remove it This is what it is when you remove it It looks good, but it’s really heavy Then you can change these colors This is a Yellowish purple Blue [oh], this is actually changing These colors are changing notice that the bottom colors also change And then change it again put it back on white This is the front. optical Drive, DVD you That’s where the hard line is Get to the back USB trees Usb twos in the microphone and headphone are about me Absolutely, no dust filters. No dust filters.

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9 thoughts on “CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA3900M Gaming PC Overview”

  • I love it can you do fps test i am getting this exact pc check my channel out i posted a video telling about it and put a link to your video because I loved it so can you please do fps test?

  • Interesting that it comes with USB 3.0 when the site states only 4x USB 2.0. This is def a great prebuilt for the price. Thanks for the vid!

  • It's a good pc for what it is. I bought it at $500 for my younger brother's birthday, and it is currently on sale for $240 which is quite a rip off for anyone who bought it before the price lowered. My brother no longer had interest in it so I decided to test it as my second hand pc. Anyways, this pc has a lot of downfalls. Like a lot.

    1) You cannot upgrade it. They don't tell you the motherboard on the specs list because it has one of the worst motherboards you can put on a gaming pc. If you have it, you'll soon find out yourself.

    2) Do not overclock this thing. It comes with a msi afterburner disk, and a msi rx 460, but it will just mess everything up. And good luck resetting the cmos, because it's hidden well…unfortunately.

    3) the case fans have red LEDs which is really cool, but you cannot change the color. They're also very cheap can end up dying on you.

    4) this thing is really well organized by the manufacturer, but good luck cleaning it.

    5) my psu hasn't died yet, and it's working great. I just can't imagine
    Replacing it.

    6) although organized, it is poorly wired. When i first opened this thing, I found one connection loose, so do make sure to check it out before making it run a marathon with a broken leg.

    At the moment I have had one replacement because they didn't install the gpu right, and I felt like it wasn't my job to fix a pre-built computer that just came right out the box. The one i currently have has lasted me a year. One case fan already died, and oh my, is that gpy fan loud. Fortunately, i did get a little bit of my money worth.
    I play on a good 100fps on overwatch with custom settings. I finished both Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider on high both with 30 fps min to 60 fps max (with special tuning on Rise of the Tomb raider). CSGO plays at 100+ fps which is nothing special since it is the source engine. I played PUBG with around 40fps to 60fps and a lot of stuttering. The system surprisingly runs well, and it definitely looks cool. The thing is, I hardly ever used this because I built my own pc for around $1300. I don't think it last on its own without me having to manage it every month. Good for entry level to PC gaming.

    Dust filter is at the bottom of the case.