Console Players Are QUITTING Because Of This… (Console Fortnite PS4 + Xbox)

Console Players Are QUITTING Because Of This… (Console Fortnite PS4 + Xbox)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be taking a look at 2 topics that continues to be very controversial in the
fortnite community, cross-platform and skill-based matchmaking. The last time I made a video about this subject
was back with these features were both initally announced, which I believe was the end of
september maybe begininng of october so it’s been a solid 4 months or so. And I don’t know if you guys remember, but
back then people were very concerned about both cross-platform and skill-based matchmaking. And even though I agreed with a lot of those
concerns in theory, you gotta remember that back then those features were brand new to
the game, so it was still yet to be seen how much much things would actually change in
the long run. Therefore my main message back then was basically
“let’s wait and see.” So now that these major adjustments to matchmaking
have been active for close to 4 months, I think we can finally judge whether the impact
it’s had on the game has been positive or negative. And without further ado, let’s get right into
it. Alright, so hands down the biggest complaint
regarding those changes when they were first announced came from console and even mobile
players. Their complaint was basically “woah woah woah
hold on,,, are you telling me that I’m gonna be forced to be play against 140+ FPS PC players
when I’m on a 60 FPS console or even a nintendo switch getting 30 FPS?” And obviously I thought that sounded horrible
and totally unfair, but at the time I wasn’t convinced it was the end of the world for
1 main reason. What a good skill based matchmaking system
does is it constantly adjusts a players hidden skill rating based on how well they play. So in theory, even if you were a console player
getting matched up with a ton of PC players early on, if you continued to die to them
over and over again, your skill rating would decrease, and overtime you’d get into lobbies
with less and less PC players. And also it would work the opposite way with
the PC players as well. Sure they’d have some fun early on getting
a bunch of console/mobile players in their lobby, but that would then push their skill
rating up meaing less and less of those console/mobile players as time goes on. That all sounds great in theory, but based
on what I’ve heard from a lot of console players, the reality of forced crossplay has been very
different. Let me just read off to you a couple comments
from a reddit thread from a few days ago where users were asked to give their input on how
they feel now about the implementation of cross-platform and skill based matchmaking. And just to give you a quick little preview,
a poll was included with the thread that got just over 18,000 total responses, with 85%
of people answering “Give me back old Fortnite matchmaking, no skill-based, no forced crossplay.” One comment says “Forced crossplay has made
a majority of my friends quit. And what’s crazy is that we all love the game,
but can’t stand the impossible skill gap with crossplay. We are Xbox players and the game was good
when it was just console vs. console. PC is just overkill, they need to have their
own matchmaking” here’s another that says “I’m a console player who has played on my
xbox and ps4 accounts since about season 2 or 3 and this current matchmaking system makes
me feel like I’m always the absolute worst player in the game. I never feel like i earn any of my kills because
i was “better” than the other player, I just feel like i got lucky.” here’s one that says “I have like 40 days
of playtime. SBMM in pubs and forced crossplay are the
reasons I quit a few weeks ago. I like to play for fun not against people
with unfair advantages due to hardware. I’m not blaming the PC players, but I’m blaming
Epic for forcing me to be in the same lobby as them” and finally “The fact that we are
debating about PC and console crossplay is nuts 99% of games dont do this for a reason,
and Fortnite didnt do this for two years for that same reason. The 15% supporting this are PC players who
just cant cut it, and need console players to stomp on.” And trust me those comments weren’t cherrpicked
at all. The thread contains thousands of very simialr
responses with 1 clear overarching theme: Not only do console players dislike forced
crossplatform matchmaking, but also that it doesn’t seem like it’s gotten any better over
time. Again this thread was only posted a few days
ago so I was thinking I was gonna see at least a few comments saying “Hey ya know what at
first there were a ton of PC players in my lobby and it was awful, but overtime I feel
like I’ve run into less and less of them.” But pretty much everything I saw seemed to
indicate that it’s still just as bad now as it was at the very beginning. So it’s just a really sad thing to see that
definitely get enough attention because most of the big name players in the community aren’t
effected by it since they’re all on PC. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve
seen console players online say that the main reason they’ve quit fortnite recently is because
it isn’t fun to go against PC players. Now, Epic did say that they were going to
be looking for feedback regarding the changes to matchmaking, so I’m still holding out hope
for a change sometime in the near future because it seems like almost all the feedback is negative. The other aspect of this that I have more
first-hand experience with is the skill-based matchmaking part. Unlike forced crossplay, I feel like the community
was a lot more divided on whether or not skill based matchmaking was a good thing. And I think even now, a lot of your opinion
on it is going to depend on your individual skill as a player. I have a few lesser skilled friends that play
on console that say skill based matchmaking is the best thing Fortnite has added in a
while. Before chapter 2 they really seemed to be
at a point where they just couldn’t keep up in the average lobby anymore. We would even have this kinda joke where we’d
get into a game and one of them would go “well there’s 100 people in this lobby and I’m probably
better than about 5 of them so if you run into any of those people let me kill them.” So ya know they had a good mindset about it,
but that didn’t change the fact that it was easy to tell they were playing the game less
and less. But with skill based matchmaking, they’re
getting into lots lobbies filled almost entirely with players of their skill level, so unlike
before they have a legitimate chance to not only win, but also get a good amount of kills. Now sure crossplay puts a damper on some of
that, because even though this shouldn’t really happen, they claim to run into good PC players
frequently enough to where it’s annoying. And one of my friends even shoed proof of
him like a 1.4 K/D player in console lobbies running into a PC player with like a 4 K/D,
so make of that what you want. But the biggest concern about skill based
matchmaking was how it would affect higher skilled players. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you
watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment section
below. Let me know your thoughts on cross platform
and skill based matchmaking in Fortnite, I’m expecting to see a lot of negative like I
did on Reddit but maybe I’m wrong. Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
susbscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch
you guys next time!

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100 thoughts on “Console Players Are QUITTING Because Of This… (Console Fortnite PS4 + Xbox)”

  • I dont quit even if cross play is bad for me inst i keep up very well with them and i dont blame fortine me begin nub i really like strong opponents and its make me better

  • My short list of why console players are quitting fortnite

    1)Pumps are broken
    2)creative and sweats ruined the game
    4) reboot vans make everyone more agressive. No consequences for pushing fights if you can be revived soon after.
    5)chapter 2 map is shit

  • This is true. Pc got a faster hardware. No bugs. No delay. Mouse and keyboard are much faster with every thing. Only have to push 1 brutton. Can turn like crazy.We have to push 3. They can jump and aim ad the same time. THEY GOT A MOUSE TO AIM. Console got a tv. With input lag of 40 ms MINIMUM. Everything is hapening 0.50 seconds slower on console THAT IS A LOT IN A SHOOTER. Does epic even got gamers in their team that plays the game?? Not a chance they got that. Everybody knows this.

  • I ain’t going to give up , already looking for a PC , playing fortnite on console it’s already too messed up , after the last update my game freezes for a few seconds every match , even multiple times a match , so I decideted to switch to PC , overall for a better gaming experience . SBMM it’s okay until you meet a PC beast , taking your walls first try , editing 5 time is 2 seconds , that’s when you become a spectator and just wait to die cause it ain’t many things you can do about it , my K/D is 1.70 but as you said in the video you meet PC players with K/D 2 times bigger than yours and double the wins you have , it’s just not fun . I even realised when I meet PC players their shots get trough my walls , AR shots ( what about smg’s then?). Anyways I ain’t complaining or giving up on the game , I am just going to get a PC and get over with it .

  • Can they please fix the pre editing thing by now so sick of accidentally having a half edited wall when tunneling because the wall doesn’t place and then I edit a non placed wall. Pre editing should not even be in the game anymore or should at least have an option to turn it off 🙄

  • Opposite for me. I am playing on switch and I only find new players in public matches. It is pretty rare for me to find an equal skilled player. Though epic pls make fortnite on switch with 30 fps or 60 fps, because it goes way below 30 when you get in a fight.

  • I have no problem with it. PC players will never out gun me. You can build your Trump Towers all day long I'm just gonna drop down and wait and then pop your ass with my shotty and not even take your materials. (Because you already used them all.) 👍

  • I enjoy Fortnite, but as a relatively low skilled player I don’t like cross platform. For this reason, I refuse to reward Fortnite by buying anything in the Item Shop until they remove pc keyboard players from my games. Pity, because i otherwise have no problem giving Fortnite a few bucks now and then for developing such a good game….

  • I hate the game right now. I loved the game so much even when everyone starting hating on it. But I genuinely cant play pubs because I'm constantly put against PC players. I have mostly just stopped playing the game. The game just isnt fun. I play with some of my friends who aren't that good and how am I expected to 1 v 3 or 4 a squad of PC players. It's just unreasonable. Not to mention the ton of other issues that console has. It's a complete joke

  • Forced cross platform is an absolute joke if you play on console. You feel completely helpless when you run into a PC player. P.S. I'm convinced that SBMM isn't even in the game. I've been killed by so many 4 or 5+ KD players and my KD is barely over 1. Every match I play ends with me getting eliminated by a sweaty PC player. THIS GAME IS TRASH NOW

  • It only takes one above average teammate to force everyone else in the squad to join above average lobby's with PC players,its a joke. Imagine having the best console player in the world and 3 people who have never played this game before in their life, they are then forced to play against insanely good players who most of the time also tend to be PC players.

  • I'm on Nintendo Switch Lite, in the EU servers and I get a lot of bots and easy kills tbh. I guess that means I'm a noob lol

  • Honestly, the game died when they centred there whole game around the small % of pc players. Forcing casuals on big TVs an consoles in lobbies with pros an pro equipment is the most crazy thing an they talk about competitive integrity? They hosted 1 console cup while hosting multiple a week for the same small pc group to get rich from. Sbmm doesn’t work I match in solos to pc players with 25+ kills every day an I’m a 60 ping Xbox player on a 50 inch telly. Separate Xbox with ps/ all pc and all mobile An switch

  • Totally for a change in sbmm/forced Xplay. Haven't seen a bot in my games for weeks now altough i'm an average player with poor decision making, playing on ps4 with not that many wins.🤣

  • I like to play for fun with my buddies on console but going up against tryhards on pc, even controller tryhards on pc, it’s not fun anymore

  • console players need to just shut up bitching i hear enough of it from my cousin you all wanted the cross play now you are moaning if you don't like it then move to pc best way for gaming i will never go back to shitty console

  • You nailed it man it's crazy I'm on the verge of quitting myself because of the reasons you outlined! It's not fun anymore I'd rather take my chances without sbmm

  • there's a theory that says epic just forncing everyone to buy a pc that way they can earn more money with the epic launcher and their other games

  • I haven't even been playing solos, duos or squads much. would rather at least have fun in team rumble.

    Probably wont get the battle pass either. PC players are just farming console and posting 20 kill games etc. Trick shots.

  • SBMM is fucking annoying. It's absolutely ruined the state of the game. I want to play fortnite for fun. This is not fun. Hence why LOADS of people quit.

  • Gronky I love you man ! To be honest I'm brand new to fortnite but seeing how knowledgeable you are on the game itself makes me want to keep playing. I also feel though that people need to quit complaining about it and keep getting better with the changes ! Either evolve with the meta and how things are or get left behind. Stop thinking negatively because most often when we're babies we fall 10,000 times and get back up and learn how to walk after we know how to crawl ! Keep gaming and keep pushing !

  • I been quit the game because of this, call of duty is the shit now. Low key the best decision cuz I was addicted so much

  • Can anyone help me I downloaded the game in ps4 they asked about account I said no and now I want to but I cant even if I uninstall the game

  • I started at season 8 and at that time. My friends showed me the game but now after this cross play system they are not coming on cuz they say it's not fun anymore so I am lonely ranger in the lobby sadly :/

  • Ima bout to quit. I never knew that I was good always considered me as a bot, but when I'm in my friends lobbies i'm never party leader they say o hell naw. But I only come across mini mongraals doing scroll wheel reset fast editing and campers that is in pc. I always get shit on.

  • Me and my MOBILE friend were getting win after win in duos… I'm console and if this is true then pc players are not even close to being as good as what you say they are. Even in solo it was easy but now my lobbys have gotten pretty hard but not hard enough for me.
    To all console players, just shut up and get better.

  • Fortnite is no longer any fun constantly put up against pc players its a joke every tame us as if its a tournament or something its so sweaty now i only play creative

  • they cleary give u the option to play crossplay if u click yes then u set your self up 4 failure simple stop crying 😂😂😂

  • I’m pretty average (some great games and some terrible games) and I generally get matched up with similar skilled players In solos and squads. A few bots here and there. So for me, it’s fine. Duos tend to have the sweaty players and I can tell there’s a skill gap there at end game.

    I’m an older casual player and I play a few times a week. I’m not near as good as most people such as yourself.

  • If you are on console and argue about getting in pc lobbies you are being extra I don’t play pubs anymore and your not gonna get better playing againsed players that around ur skill better people more u improve

  • I started season 2 and enjoyed and loved the game up to the end of season x we all put up with the mechs also and now I don't really bother with fortnite because of this exact thing.. There's no hope

  • Unless u play console u really dont know how much of disadvantage we really are in compared to pc between the hitching in the game the delay with builds placing the lag traps not wanting to place people shooting u threw walls it's super annoying ..

  • Sigh not this again. Understand this, Epic Games IS A BUSINESS. Their prime directive is to make MONEY. Therefore skill based matchmaking must be more profitable for them. Probably 75% of Fortnites playerbase are kids who are not very good. They CATER TO THEM. As THEY MAKE THEM MONEY.
    Also reading Reddit posts is not research. You better believe Epic has far better data research than that

  • I think they just ahead of us right now think about the new ps5 and new Xbox are going to have more then 60fps there going to start Processing like computers so maybe they’re getting us prepared

  • Thank you for making this video. Console player here I've had my ups and downs with skill based but it doesn't bother me too much as the Intent is to make the game fair for everyone. Cross platform however I absolutely despise I hate it and its killing the console community the idea of trying to skill base the game I get but also having cross play with it makes the whole idea a joke.


    Actually thank you Gronky for speaking about this, i’ve got thousands of hours and hundreds of competitive hours but i still play to relax in solos or regular queues and it’s crazy cause when i play them now i feel like i’m a straight bot when i have 15% lifetime win rate with thousands of games.

    hopefully epic listens 😂😂

  • I quit a multiple of times then would start again. One day I realized (because I couldn't find a gun fast enough) I was able to kill someone with my pickax faster than with a gun because of lag. There's also the lack of bldg edit fast enough, rocketed or pumped to the face, lightsabers. The real last straw was my swearing/anger and not getting any response to an issue I was having RE: doing the challenges and not getting the credit for it… I'm talking specifically about the place a trap challenge and how trap placements weren't working.
    Sorry, this was a rant I'm still mad because I spent money on skins & emotes and now they're useless.

  • I’m on console and I didn’t even know i was playing against pc players, i was wondering why i saw so many sweats and I couldn’t kill anyone!

  • I WAS a solo player. I started in season 2 and when they first added skill based matchmaking I was put in lobby's were I was killed by a renegade raider 4 games in a row and in the fights I didn't even have a chance. I haven't played the game since. It's a shame I love the game and still would be playing it but it's become too hard and I can't just push people and be stupid aggressive anymore. The point of a battle royal game is for it to be 100 random people all with different skill levels. If they aren't going to take out skill based matchmaking then they should take out arena mode it's the same thing as pubs

  • Pc played here, I think both of them dumb if I kill someone now I feel like I didn’t really earned it I’m pretty good but not like pro good I’m in the middle area so idk why I go up against pc players with a 4 kd when I have between 2 and 3 I think that the change should be reverted especially because solos are shit and not fun anymore

  • Theres not enough pc vs pc players out there anymore.
    They have to fill lobbies, quit complaining everyone.. make money and buy a better monitor.
    Fortnite is full of kids seriously.

  • I couldn't agree more Gronky, 9 times out of 10 when a console goes up against a PC player, PC player is gonna win. They got better frames, better inputs, better connection, better gameplay overall. It's absolutely horrific when console players don't have a chance in tournaments either. Console lobbies should be separate from PC lobbies hands down. (Not gonna talk about mobile because mobile gaming is a joke)

  • The FPS difference makes you lag so much when you run into a pc player, you have to pre-prefire all your shots. Aim assist on controller is so much stronger for Controller on PC. I quit last night because I got full sprayed twice in a row, once by a gray SMG and another time by an AR from long range. I don’t have time to react because my game lags with lower FPS and aim assist is so broken players get free headshots and don’t miss while full spraying.. where’s the bloom and recoil EPIC?

  • I’m tired of hearing console players complain about FPS and sbmm. I’m also tired of hearing pc players complain about aim assist. Everyone please just stop complaining! Now I’m complaining about people complaining. It’s ridiculous. If you can’t beat em’ join em’ All you sorry console players, go buy a pc and play. When you die, I would love to hear your argument on why other pc players have an advantage over an $800 gaming laptop. All you sorry pc players, plug in a controller and abuse aim assist if its so good. Just do it and again please stop blowing up YouTube and reddit with your complaints.
    And if anyone cares, I’m perfectly happy with my ps4. Sometimes in a fight, it will jump up to 75 FPS! Wow! I can really feel those extra frames. It gives me an advantage over my Xbox friends. But I can always tell when I die it’s to a pc player because he had more frames…. frames frames skill based frames per second matchmaking complaint gibberish blah sorry for the rant

  • I don’t mind the skill based but for forced cross play I would like to see an algorithm that detects keyboard and mouse vs controller. As there are console hacks that give k&m players on console aim assist plus the advantages of k&m. Very unfair.

  • I’m a pretty good player .I have finished outside of the money a few times but I play kbm on ps4 with 60 ping and a high response time monitor and I have a total different experience. Squads and dous aren’t challenging because I can just pub stomp. I don’t usually play regular solos but when I do it’s so easy I sometimes switch to controller mid game just for fun.But when I play arena it gets annoying because everywhere I go I see a brain dead controller player l2 me so I lose the bloom fight get pushed and get sprayed through my wall because I’m on 50-60 ping in arena
    But boxfights on the other hand are so hard because theirs not a lot of good console I have to play with pc and it’s horrible my ping makes it so that my wall gets taken every time,the input delay and my high response time monitor makes it so hat I’m constantly freezing. And the FPS advantage is a lot, I’m stuck in the middle between console and pc beucase I play in a console but I use a kbm.

  • Spot on I used to play fortnite everyday fer hours on end now I don’t play at all I have around 2000 wins and I jus do not enjoy the game anymore with the pc players and the lag I get when I fight a pc player it’s just not fun

  • You console players are crybabies you all need to get better.
    I’m a mobile player on a 30fps iPhone 6s I’m put with pc players and console players and I have an overall kd of 2.85 my solo kd is if you ask me you guys just suck at the game.

  • I played with (noobs) in teams this noobs have many wins and because of that they get in lobbys where they havent any chance I have half of the wins but I improved so much that I can kil 3 teams alone but after 3 teams after this (noob) m8s dies then its over they aim like a child and I hit 80 percent of my shoots

  • I've played on console, ps4 w kb and m hooked up, pc w controller, now I'm on pc kb and m. And idk I sucked on controller but even on pc I still get lasered my aim assist. I think a really good controller player is good because of the aim, pc aim is very touchy especially in pub matches not creative matches.

  • I don’t mind running into a few sweats but because of the skill based matchmaking almost every person I run into is really sweaty and I assume they’re on pc because of the way they play by hitting almost every shot never messing up edits and their movement etc, yeah it could be a cracked controller player but most cases it’s a pc player and it sucks having to grind to try and keep up with their skill level as they have many advantages over us console players, 70% of the players I die to are pc players, no hate towards pc players btw just think we should stay in our separate lobbies so some of us actually have a chance, if I wanted to play against pc players I’d buy one.

    I hope they revert this 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • GronKy great content! I'm a 50+ year old player who has been playing since season 2. Skill based match making has made me want to stop playing all together. I play 98% solo's and can tell when I'm fighting a PC player or console player, movement is just different. (PC Fast and even crap players can hit flicks up close)

  • It’s pretty sad to see if I’m honest. Cross platform is the worst thing to have been introduced to fortnite.
    The comparison and advantages which Pc players have over Xbox is ridiculous.
    I don’t mind Skilled match making if for only one reason…
    I come up against someone on Xbox which is similar to my skill level. (After cross platform is hopefully removed.)
    And if I get killed by that person then I won’t be salty or angry because I died to the better player using the same equipment and set up as myself (console.)
    It’s just pathetic how epic just shits on all console players, a community which made fortnite blow up to then just concentrate and basically make it that much enjoyable for pc players.
    It’s unfair, the game is unbalanced and I struggle to win any games at all.
    I have played since a week of the game coming out. Way before the battle pass was introduced. Now I’ve not played in over 2 weeks and it feels nice not be stressed out over the game and how sweaty has become.
    Take me back to the good old days!
    We need to get a twitter trend out there for epic to really open there eyes and revert back!!! Epic have a very unique game, and all there going to do is ruin it!

  • I hate skillbased matchmaking. It made the game so boring and hard. Anyone here trying to donate me a pc with 144 frames and a 144hz monitor (I’m joking)

  • I play almost every day for a few hours on ps4, and since the crossplat form match making I enjoy the game much less. They have such a huge advantage over me that it's unfair…
    And the skill match making doesn't help eather. Most of the time I win the first game with my squad and the rest of the evening it is impossible to win 😟