Como Reparar error de luz roja en Xbox 360 Slim

hello and welcome was are back
once again to bring you a new tutorial in which this time go
to teach how repair what the light red that is arising lately
the xbox 360 slim is one a failure that also vulgarmente call him the red
light of the death that as it is now same the cav or descend and has happened
to be of green to red then this basically is as it happened
him to the playstation is a problem of the graphic or of the che general then what go to do first
would be to disassemble what is the console but before continuing as we always
go to command this greeting to ours subscribers and invite to the rest of
people that join to our channel and like this receive all the noaa notifications
of new tutoriales in tudela eat said first go to disarm what is
the the console for this we go now change the image go to leave have
disassembled it completely and stops those that have doubts to the hour
to disassemble this console right now here we go to put still a link
so that it can is to access to what it is the tutorial of how disassemble completely
this type of console very as now inside moment the
flights very once have already what it is the plate is brought of what is the
console presidency and like him have right now the image the following post
also had to clean it that this rest of thermal paste that can
remain in what it is the act and afterwards also as before confirming the
go to explain an important thing when the console commands us what is the
red light the red light of the death no it wants to say whenever it was a problem
of the cto that is to say it is seeing the machine that has
a problem left to the therefore before to ship in this type
of repair we go to check or descartar what
alone we say the options that have
that is to say also could be source feeding or transformer it could be that probably we have
sued the console seem a maintenance and the hour to mount have
connected it any type of wires also it would give red light that have the
discuro damaged in the case of have hard disk also could be as a problem
of of the wire of video then all these options it is necessary
to stir the and delete them and when already have all descartadas then and
go us to ship in this type of repair also we go to teach two
repairs one that is the fastest easy and cheap that is to say do
a backflow also it is necessary to take into account that
do a backflow is say temporary no it is definite because because it is a process
that go to do with air hot do not go to extract what is the
acb or then therefore it is temporary it can rondar between the three months and
half year depending if it chooses better or worse sushi is easy fast and simple afterwards the second option is ensure eva
linné then this option we also halagos to this
video but now go to do a lot faster and without explanation to the that
inquiera explanations more deep as that neal tutorial that
have have already has gone up to the channel where are go through theoretical step
practice of namientos everything to do a rival and then like bug two
options now for the moment go to teach the backflow agree as we go
to this well as to be able to repair what is
the console by means of the process of re flow the first that go to do is as it has
commented before would be to clean the rest of thermal paste that can remain
in what it is the cpu when we arrive done this as I
also recommend to put a plate of in this case of aluminium under what
is the zone where go to apply the caló and like this what will do already protect
a poquito the workbench afterwards also if have option to
achieve a poquito of flush so much liquid like the pastal what go
to do is to apply it in the gap that remains between the plate in the ac perú and like this what
go to achieve is that the heat it was more uniform and in more to all
the corners of the zone and also that seat and of it reactivated a poquito of the
properties of the odd if acaso the that more afterwards the tools as
as I have commented many times have three options one would be the station of
hot air or also called had that is this type of tool
would have also what is the gun of heat or gun stripping agent that
is of this style and afterwards already the third option that carried this did not test it
never but also says the people that with a dryer of peel powerful also
could do and what is the subject reflection but here I no longer can or
ensure how could remain the process very then that the I think that already
is everything now what go to do I in this case I go it to do with what
is the station of hot air is temperature go them to place here
up so that it see them and if we yield the machine and do as as we have done
always go to hammer the heat doing circles of a side to the another never it is necessary to give remain still in one in a same point because we could
damage what is the plate ob or the cto this process go it to do between two
minutes do communicated since I understand if you want to do it first suárez as
no but here follows and if you see that no had answer as already tighten a poquito
more decent very as one of day determined the
necessary time for what go to do is to leave that it cool what is
all the zone where have to apply heat between a moment we go back well once
we have already the quite cold zone now we go to be followed as cleaning what
is the disipador and there will be two to pitar the twist that is
thermal and new paste I always recommend for the consoles
especially use thermal pastes of quality because it heats a lot of those that
touched it a pc a computer you how much or better quality was the better
thermal paste now we go to place what is the
disipador in his seven or more the turn when we see the tensor now we are the fan and now
go to mount what is the base or if the plate of lit that I think that already know already can test
what is the console to see if really it has done effect we cry lit to leave happen a while
to see if it puts in red for the moment as we can it sees that there is or
effect has solved it well as one of them finalised the
first option or the first method that it was the subject of the ref have seen it that
the machine already goes back to work but that cure it as I have said is a temporary
work can rondar between the three to six months more or less but the well
that it has to can repeat all the times that want to until the machine
say until here have arrived now we go with the second option is and
much better option that is the subject of the rba link and even can be a definite
repair but what occurs that is not near at hand of all the
people due to the fact that we need eat I say I heavy machinery we need to invest a lot of money
are quite a lot of experience and afterwards separate the process is much more complicated
and longer then we go it to do for
having a second option those that are interested in this
option have another day to the where we teach I go through step very very explained
how do a rival and because this option now we go it
do faster and without explanation goes to create so that like this the tutorial
do not do very long 2d is as you can see placed what
is the one of the plate in a base antipán of or so that the plate no curve
when we apply the heat in the acpu and now we go to happen to machine and go
to begin ace efe ours dyn of bs the 9 ace well it is the god it suits never resign ace ace all photo well as a beautiful finalised what
is the process of the rival and in would touch go back to mount the console to see if
all has gone out properly and at all as as we are doing lately we go
it do faster and without explanation so that like this the tudelano
saba very heavy 2 of at all as we begin s the the days well world r for real the new well it is the have to Fridays 1 kisses r 2 he already it has to at all as at all we have finalised to mount
the console now it would touch to test to see if all
is perfect station that speak of image more we can see that all has gone out perfect
because even it goes out the ring with the lights green us good and now as as I say
always if it has served you of help the tutorial if it has liked you already know am
secular likes me that it does not cost súbitamente nara would remain it to him
sack a greeting and see us very soon in
the next tutorial until prompt the

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