CGRundertow WONDER BOY IN MONSTER WORLD for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

CGRundertow WONDER BOY IN MONSTER WORLD for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

Oh, they grow up so fast. It seems like only
yesterday I was waxing poetic about Wonder Boy in Monster Land, and now it’s all big
and beautiful in 16-bit Genesis glory! It’d be more surprising if this, the second in
the Sega Vintage Collection of Monster World titles, wasn’t actually the fifth in the
series, but shows an impressive amount of polish. It’s still bouncy, chaotic, action-adventure
fun, but now it’s got a more impressive soundtrack, NPCs that aren’t hidden behind
doors, and – most blessedly – NO TIMER. That’s right, the stupid hourglass has been banished
as befits a vestige of the industry’s arcade history. This was born for the home consoles,
features a battery backup, and… adorable pixies that think they’re helping by bapping
enemies with their wands. D’awww. Comparatively speaking, this thing is leaps
and bounds beyond its quarter-slurping cohort. The controls have forsaken the every-surface-is-ice
inaccuracy of its Adventure Island-esque predecessors. This Monster World keeps the general look,
though the feel’s tighter, and the first part of the game is an almost exact quotation
of the same area in Monster Land. It serves to tie the games together, kinda like having
World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. in Smash Bros., but there’s plenty of upgrades. Like…
Ocarina lessons. That open doors, when you play the right tune. Five years before Ocarina
of Time. The more and more I play these games, the more and more I realize that… man, Monster
World had it going on ahead of the entire industry. All that, and huge boss fights,
all sorts of magic powers, runaway mine cart things… there’s a depth to the game that
reminds me of a 2D, platform-heavy Secret of Mana. And that’s awesome. You’d think there’s a finite number of
ways to save the princess slash save the world, but even established trends can be improved.
This is, after all, one of the few Monster World games that was actually released in
the states. Now, it comes equipped with all the bonuses the Sega Vintage Collection has
to offer, like leaderboard-enabled time trials and a full jukebox mode. I realize that, given
our modern sensibilities, a title like “Wonder Boy in Monster World” is almost so farcical
as to be laughed off the street. But don’t let that stop you. If you enjoyed the original,
you’re assured to love this one; if you like this one, it behooves you to go back
and play Monster Land. It’s a vicious cycle, which would be more vicious if the two weren’t
packaged together. And, y’know, you’d have to have a Sega Master System and a Genesis
connected simultaneously. Good luck with that.

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19 thoughts on “CGRundertow WONDER BOY IN MONSTER WORLD for Xbox 360 Video Game Review”

  • All you need is a Power Base adaptor to play your SMS games on your Genesis. No need to have BOTH systems hooked up. I'm sure CGR has one!

  • Instead of having a Sega Master System and Sega Genesis hooked up at the same time, just have a Sega Genesis with a Sega Power Base Converter attachment, it works great!

  • In Brazil we have a version of this game called "Monica in Monster Land". The Wonder Boy character was changed for Monica, a popular comic character here in Brazil. It is the same excellent game, but with different characters.

  • I've had this game since i was a kid. Always loved it. The cartridge has some weird pink stuff on it tho

  • This is one of my top 10 games of all time. It holds up well and is pretty to look at even today.

    Music is some of the best I've heard.

  • This game is my childhood man. and I'm not saying this because of nostalgia alone, this is one of the greatest games of all time. Simpler is often better. So many big budget colossal size games just miss the point.

  • I remember buying this game in 2009 for $32.00 on ebay among other great sega games, and I played it on my jvc x-eye which was awesome but gave everything to my younger brother only to learn that he sold everything for $200.00 dlls (he needed the money to pay bills). And now in 2018 I bought the game again for $56.00 dlls on ebay from a seller in Ireland complete in excellent condition. a little more expensive but worth every penny. I love the nostalgic feel of this game from the graphics, gameplay and music. No game collection is complete without this great game…I'm dead serious.