CGRundertow SHADOWRUN for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

By now, I’m sure most of you know that I
really like shooters. Lately I’ve developed a love for both fast paced, arcade style FPS
games and tactical third-person experiences like Ghost Recon , but the arena style shooter
just hasn’t really been relevant anymore. Nexuis was released recently, but this is
a genre that just hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves, and that’s a shame, as it’s
one of the best for gathering friends around to play for hours on end. Today, I have a
game released a few years ago that aims to bring this genre back. This is Shadowrun for
the 360. Shadowrun is actually a longer running franchise
with several games both on consoles and pen and paper. This game in particular has a pretty
interesting concept: take combat from games like Halo or Quake and mix in some sweet extra
abilities. Unfortunately, the game is really online and bot-mode only, which is a little
bit of a disappointment, as I think some of the abilities could’ve been used in interesting
ways with a story. The game is spread across a bunch of different maps that are all extremely
varied from each other; I was really surprised. Gameplay in Shadowrun is best described as
extremely smooth. From weapons, to using abilities and moving across the maps, it controls really
well. You have access to different magic and tech moves like the Tree of Life, which gives
health to anyone nearby, or a glider to help you slow down on big jumps. Now, these really
come in handy because Shadowrun is an objective based game. Both teams will usually be concentrating
on specific points on the map, so having the ability to support your teammates is really
helpful. Shooting mechanics are also solid, although there isn’t much feedback to whether
or not you’re hurting an enemy until they die, and that’s a bit of a pain.
The really interesting thing about Shadowrun is that it’s one of only a few games on
the Xbox 360 to be cross-platform compatible with the PC. Of course, Xbox players may be
at a little bit of a disadvantage, especially because this game has a ton of different abilities
that could be mapped much easier to a keyboard, but it’s a really cool idea. With Microsoft
developing the Windows OS, I really don’t understand why they don’t do this more often.
Imagine being able to play all of your favorite console games with your friends who only play
on PC! I can dream, I guess. Now, although Shadowrun is a very fun game,
it somehow feels incomplete. It’s mostly due to there being very little presentation,
instead just choosing to throwing you into the game, and it feels a little lazy. This
is a great game to bring out when you want to show your friends something a little bit
different, but it isn’t something you’d have spinning in your Xbox for weeks or months
on end. Shadowrun is not anything special when it
comes to visuals, but the game isn’t bad looking, either. This was a fairly early game
for the 360, and the visual style the game uses, with over-the-top character models,
really helps to keep the game from aging very much. The voiceovers are also really helpful,
giving you key information during sessions. The voices sound a little robotic, but that’s
kind of the point. Shadowrun does not have a huge target audience,
but there’s no denying that for what the game tries to be, it succeeds. I’m sure
you could pick this up for next to nothing right now.

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