CGRundertow DEVIL MAY CRY HD COLLECTION for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

CGRundertow DEVIL MAY CRY HD COLLECTION for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

The Devil May Cry series is one of the more
interesting from last decade. After a critically acclaimed first entry in the series, there
was sharp backlash to the second before another widely praised entry arrived in Devil May
Cry 3. Of course, now there is going to be a complete reboot of the series developed
by Ninja Theory to be published early next year, but that doesn’t mean that the earlier
games should just be forgotten. In fact, just a few months ago, the first three games were
given the HD treatment and re-released, and while the games are great, there are a few
reasons to be cautious with this. This is the Devil May Cry HD Collection for the Xbox
360. Now, like my Xbox 360 Triple Pack review,
this isn’t going to be an individual review of each of the three games included here.
Instead, I’m going to be looking at it as a whole. Each game follows Dante, known for
hunting demons in stylish fashion, and in chronological order, the games included are
3, 1 and then 2. This may actually be a good way to play them if you’re looking for something
a little bit different from the usual style, especially when you’re looking to get all
of the original stories out of the way before the series gets a reboot to see exactly what
they change. Especially with the HD paint, these games almost feel like one really long
title split into three parts, and that’s a very good thing. Combat actually holds up surprisingly well
in this collection, with the different attacks and moves allowing for very fluid gameplay,
and enemies definitely put up a challenge, especially in the first and third games. There’s
also a good variety of creatures to fight over the course of all three, so it won’t
feel pointless if you’re playing them all in a row. Now, like I mentioned earlier, Devil May Cry
2 wasn’t nearly as well received as the previous games, and while its tone changed
and its difficulty was reduced, the game uses a more natural control scheme than the first
game, and this is actually the control scheme Dante’s Awakening uses. In the first game
here, the X button is an action and holding down the right bumper and the B button shoots,
but in the next two, the X button shoots by itself, and the B button is the action button.
It may seem like a small change, but it feels much more user friendly. I kind of wonder
why the first game didn’t use this However, with all of the positives this collection
has, there is one thing that makes the games really show their age: the camera. I can’t
even describe how bad it is, and this is across all three games. Not only can you often not
see enemies because of where you’re positioned, you can’t even use the right stick to change
the angle, even though it’s just sitting there, waiting to be used. What this means
is it has that old-school style of just shifting the perspective depending on where Dante is
in the room. By “old-school”, I mean “awful”. This is really the only big complaint I have
with the collection. The Devil May Cry HD Collection does make
the series a lot easier on the eyes, and this definitely made the games more appealing to
this generation of gamers. The Devil May Cry HD Collection will probably
not draw in gamers who weren’t previously a fan of the series, but this is a decent
buy for anyone looking to play through the original trilogy. The key word there is “decent”.
It’s not spectacular, but if you want to play as Dante some more, check this one out.

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45 thoughts on “CGRundertow DEVIL MAY CRY HD COLLECTION for Xbox 360 Video Game Review”

  • really? the camera?…….. there is nothing wrong with it. the reason why u dont like it is because u have been spoiled by games that allow u to rotate the camera. i have played these games and honestly, i dont remember the camera hindering the gameplay. also it would help if one: u pay attention to ur environment and remember where the enemies are and 2: learn to actually play the game instead of hitting the Y button all the time.

  • You know, I can see why the camera might be a problem. I understand the games are great, but an action game should prolly have a camera that can be used to better see the action…But, this is coming from someone who has very briefly played these games. And as I understand it, the dislikes are coming from fans that get upset when someone isn't a huge proponent of the design of their favorite games.

  • After watching this review, I truly looked for the problem with the camera. I found none of the problems you talked about.

  • yup the camera in DMC 1 was awful but by 3 i think it got sorted out, but then again i never did like DMC. 3 has the best control setup, 1 has the worst only because it DMC was created accidentally so the entire system was a different system to what they(CapcomRE devs) were accustomed to in RE games

  • Ha moaning about the camera. Did you ever play the original devil may cry games? Why would they change the camera in a hd remake?

  • I haven't even started playing my Devil May Cry 1 for PS2 and the camera doesn't look that bad to me. I've dealt with far worse.

    Besides, a crappy camera =/= crappy game.

  • where did you get that story? As far as I know Capcom hasn't sold any IP to Ninja Theory, rather they are the contractual third party developer for all future Devil May Cry games until the deal runs out. hell i don't even think Ninja Theory has enough money to buy any IP.

  • It bugs me how they just slap the word, "HD," if it can even be considered a word, at the end of the game's title. This is NOT HD. These are just the graphics that were on the PS2. They weren't improved at all, so it can't really be called, "HD."

  • That's something I'd like to see developers address on Wii U. Since you have a second screen, the player could have a second angle which would be particularly useful in situations where one camera's view is blocked. Not every developer has to do this, but I think it's a ripe territory, along with the third-analog Battle Mii presented last year.

  • never had a problem with camera, and not all of old school games have awfull camera even if it's fixed, see Resident Evil series…
    this collection amazing, how can you not have the trilogy of a great action game from Capcom

  • hate to tell you this buddy but you could shoot without locking on in the first game. in the easiest mode you could in both the ps2 and hd remake version.

  • Man, if anybody says anything bad about these games they get shit on :/
    Fixed camera's are never ideal. Especially for a fast game like this. Ninja gaiden still has camera problems but is an improvement.

  • Actually this is the most talk about negative point to the game when there isn't a lot beside the second game. You can't whine about a critic argument like this. The Camera in the first 3 DMC are awfull. Just accept it and stop being a fanboy.

  • People that can't get used on the camera in DMC and Ninja Gaiden games are just bad,they should learn to play those games instead of bitching.I RARELY get fucked over by the camera,in fact the platforming sections in DMC1 are worse than the camera.