BYU at Tennessee Game Recap

BYU at Tennessee Game Recap

>>BYU pulls off a stunner in double over time. Here is how we got where we got. First quarter,ing cougar defense up top, look at this throw. Jarrett guarantano, nearly picked off at the goal line. Blaine: Can you tell me how a ball can go over your head, through both arms and you don’t touch it? Come on. Those are the types of plays they weren’t making in the first half. Dave: Fourth down and three. Up into the air, jauan Jennings pulls it in. It is a Tennessee touchdown. David: This is a bad break. Right spot. Lt Blaine: That is the only offensive touchdown in regulation for Tennessee. A tipped ball touchdown. Dave: A flea-flicker, Wilson to bushman, 27 yards, BYU is on the move. That sets up Jake Oldroyd. He just doesn’t miss. 31 yards. It is 7-3. Back comes Tennessee. They didn’t have a lot of big plays, this is one, Jennings 51 yards. Blaine: A big seam route. Jennings had a really big football game for Tennessee. Four receptions for 88 yards. 22-yard average for Jennings. Dave: Brett Cimaglia, he is a good kicker. Blaine: Both kickers were money. Dave: Late in the first half, Ty Chandler going to take off on a 53-yard scamper to set up another field goal. David: BYU struggled in the first half holding the edge, puing down the line of scrimmage. Making good halftime adjustments, picked up in the second half. Dave: 13-3, we need a break. Brian: Great rat. Love the fact he was able to get his hands on the ball and trying to take it back. This started to change the momentum and turning point of the game. Blaine: You can call this the play of the game in a way, it changed things. We are going to say Micah Simon is the play of the game. I think that was the play of the game. Dave: Ty’son Williams 16 yards to the end zone. A three-point game. David: 17 carries, aveing 9.4 and two touchdowns. Dave: I think they will start giving him the ball more. Moves the pile, Blaine. He would move the pile and win the game. Blaine: In the second half of this football game, BYU figured thing out, were able to defend better. Second half much better for BYU. Dave: Third and three, Devin Kaufusi is hit with targeting. It is a good call. He is ejected. Pass interference down the field. That put Tennessee in position to kick another field goal to take 16-10 lead. Cimaglia knocks it through. Back come the cougars, Oldroyd, from 32, 16-13. Now the defense stiffens. Isaiah Kaufusi makes the stop, the cougars take over. David: Stayed at home even though he thought the action was going away, wraps ub the running back, brings it down shy of the first down marker. Dave: Late in the game, if Zach Wilson is going to be a legendary BYU quarterback perhaps it will start right here on this drive. That didn’t start very much. That almost picked off. Blaine: There is your play of the game right there. Matt bushman said, uh-uh, not in my neighborhood. That is a great play by Matt bushman. If you can’t catch it — Dave: Third down and six. Wilson in the pocket, silence, behind the defense. 64 yards. David: How does this happen, Brian? Brian: Very dirty eyes. Blaine: A bad angle too. If he tackles him there it is not field goal range. A blown coverage, bad angle by the safety. Dave: What a play. This is right up there. Brian: Good catch as well. Dave: Jake Oldroyd has to get the field goal. He just missed it. Blaine: I don’t think Jake Oldroyd has missed a field goal in practice let alone a game. This is our reaction in our BYUTV studios. Reaction to that field goal. We go to overtime. Talon Shumway, right here, right now, into the end zone for a touchdown. Blaine: Because BYU had been able to run the football, they run the play action. Holds the linebackers at the line of scrimmage. This was a perfect throw by Zach Wilson. I will call that a strike. Dave: Here comes Tennessee. Jennings, big target. He eat got it in the end zone. Brian: Sometimes big players step up and make big plays. Dave: Second overtime, Cimaglia, he is money. 40 yards out. BYU needs a touchdown to win the game. Jeff Grimes gets creative. Alevo hifo on the end around. David: Another play call, a run play on the first drive of the first overtime, come back to reverse on the second one. Blaine: Set it upperfectly. Dave: Here comes Williams, boom, in the pile. Where is that big line? Into the end zone and BYU beats Tennessee. Over 10,000 fans at Neyland stadium cheers on the cougars. There is Kalani sitake. Cougar nation all over the world celebrating. A dramatic, come from behind victory on ESPN and here’s our crowd reaction to the touchdown. Nice job, guys. We are all famous.

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  • Good job downplaying Simon’s big game. Blaine called every other play, the play of the game…except the actual play of the game. It wasn’t a “bad angle by the safety”. It was very good concentration to be able to catch the ball, plant and simultaneously cut to the inside. The safety had him dead to rights. he just made a shifty move.

  • As a loyal SEC person I do understand that I am supposed to stand by my mates and feel sorry for The Vols, the suffering of their players and coaches and fans, and all of that kind of thing. However, more so than a son of the SEC I am a multi-generational part of the Alabama Family which leads me to this.

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That was absolutely awesome!!!! Well done Cougars and a big congratulations to the BYU faithful! Also, on a more personal aside, thanks for helping move The University of Tennessee one step closer to no longer offering men's varsity football as an elective. A dream of mine. I know I should feel that way about Auburn but actually I want them to lose to the point that they finally drop to the FCS level where they continue to lose, each week, for all eternity. We each have our version of what we think heaven will be.

    Again, Well done!

  • Tennessee has become the Embarrassment to the SEC 😒🤦🏻‍♂️ Like UTEP of C-USA is an Embarrassment to College Football I’m not sure what’s Worse to be honest Wow WTF !!!!!!

  • If Jarrett Guarantano starts his 21st game, he is a good bet to lose his 15th game. Mentally, it was obvious he could not compete at this level. he knows the plays and where they are supposed to go and how they are supposed to happen. Bt that is it, PERIOD !!! And I don’t understand how in any capacity, any argument he should be allowed to play again unless there are zero Qb’s on the roster or they are bad. We have been told they are all even. This is my program too. I am a born and raised Volunteer, pay my taxes. And sent my 2nd child to UTK to get her degree and I paid for it. I have loved this program since very early childhood when all I had was an AM radio in 69’. I lost my program about 10 years ago but got it back when Fulmer finally became AD. But of all and any confusing things that have happened with us. I do not understand this. T. Bray set a record 9 years ago for most losses at 10 in a career, JG has 14. Its like JG has something on us or or the media is still controlling. And you better believe the Vol Media wants to dictate every move. Like when Haslem came to power in 2008. Go Vols, Go Coach Pruitt and staff and fellow Tennessean HC/AD Fulmer !!!
    *Note-BJ was a pawn, THE ONLY candidate who was left after 5 coaches declined interviews and 5 declined after interviewing. He was a Haslem puppet clown used car salesman who used it for what it was worth, 9 mil, and Haslem was in control. If you cannot see how you disrespect this program by bringing up those years. Find another team because you are hurting the program. We have been through some tough storms and this is one of the last squalls we will encounter unless fan support keeps being played. 
    My Maxims, beliefs,
    I believe in Fulmer, Pruitt and the entire staff but am undecided on Chaney. He should see this issue.
    I believe in our team, backup Qb’s Shrout and Maurer and J. Banks as a Rb. One of his so called fumble problems was a bone breaking mistackled run of at least 6, trying to do too much he reached and got blasted, he was held accountable and benched. The O&W game he made the D look like kids.
    I believe in T. Lambert and Evan Winter doing the right thing and taking a solid supporting stand. It was a first game, our manager/director/executer of plays was lacking all day. 
    I believe we are that close now to be a good program. Its one position and attitude.

  • I try to pull for all SEC team's when they're not playing BAMA, but Tennessee is ridiculous, a embarrassment, I got to where I hope they lose, you don't need high hopes for that, they will. At least we got 3 very good top tier teams my Crimson Tide, LSU ( very good job against Texas) and Georgia ROLL TIDE ROLL and go SEC.

  • I hate BYU the entire week leading up to the Holy War and on game day, but I want y’all to do decent so you make your big brother look better 🙂

  • I remember when both of these teams were good… but now this is probably a parody of what the Miami – Florida State game will look like. Two good programs who now look like Arkansas or UTEP. ugh. Tennessee you deserve that #4 in the bottom 10 – i think with this performance you might get to #1 very very soon.

  • Remember the days when Vanderbilt was the laughing stock of division 1A / FBS? I think Tennessee has taken that title. This team is straight garbage right now and I don't see it changing at all. Why play for the Vols when you can play for the Bulldogs, any of he Carolinas, Ga Tech or basically anywhere else?

    Also if the SEC didn't have LSU and Bama that division would be nothing. Everyone talks about SEC speed and quality of competition, but given how they've played out of conference they don't look particularly great.

  • SEC fan here(UGA)….great game, BYU! Your team was focused and played with so much HEART! Congratulations on a big WIN!!!

  • What do you expect from Tennessee? Their talent pool consists of 1-star recruits and community college rejects, coached by a staff that exits a clown car. You definitely can't win in the SEC with this combination. It can put up a fight against these inferior conferences, like whatever conference BYU is in.

  • BYU just be happy it was Tennessee and you weren't playing Alabama because it never ever would have been that close !!!! 🐘 Roll Tide Roll 🐘.

  • Normal day at the office for TN. Play well the whole game until the last 5 minutes of the game. Then let the opponent come back to beat them. That's happened over and over and over and over game after game after game. TN just cannot close out ballgames. They just can't do it.

  • Liberals political correctness ruined the sports programs at the University of Tennessee. They cried like sissies about the coach they were going to hire for the football program but, the liberals lied about him knowing the rapist at Penn St. was hurting children. Typical phony Democrats they demonize a person who had nothing to do with something because it makes liberals seem so loving and caring. NO real player is going to want to play for a cucky beta male mangina liberal program like that.

  • The girl is praying for her football game. Sorry God cares about people finding salvation through Christ alone not an insignificant football game.

    It's idolatry. James 4:4 — Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

  • People acting like Tennessee lost and got blown out LMAO… byu had to stop Tennessee on 4th & 1 and then convert a 3rd & 18 from their own 6 with 0:50. Tennessee blew the game. UF lost to Georgia Southern. It happens.

  • 10 years ago this win would have been impressive but now it means nothing. My grandsons pee wee football team can beat the vols.

  • I have got the final answer to the Tennessee Vols to be a successful team. And with that being said here is the answer. Get about 8 D11 bulldozers, and drive them through the front gate of the UT stadium. And doze the stadium down. Get rid of Tennessee football for good. Even NFL. Doze titans stadium down to. Tennessee football is terrible and a disgrace to the state. Doze it down and make it a landfill.

  • I won't make any excuses for Tennessee. As a two time alumni and fan since I was a kid back in the early 1970s, I can make no excuses for their lousy playing. Most all teams are "young" teams, so that's no excuse for how this team has been playing. You don't let a receiver get behind you. Tennessee was outplayed and had absolutely no imagination in their play calling. The QB keeps throwing into double coverage. Their offense and defense basically suck, can't stop the run, can't block on the outside on runs, can't make third and one or fourth and ones, and have poor pass coverage. Where are the receivers who were speedsters? We were once known as Wide Receiver U. As a fan it is hard to swallow getting beat our first two games. Anyone who has been a U.T. fan for decades KNOWS this isn't the Tennessee we used to know. I wanted to tell the BYU fans that we normally would have kicked their tails in convincing fashion. Any long-term U.T. fan KNOWS this is a fluke. We could ALWAYS count on being within the top 10 or at least the top 25 every year and typically bowl game bound at the end of the season. In the not too distant past, there was no doubt that we were going to beat just about any team save Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. Even still, we often fared very well against our biggest rivalries. Vanderbilt, Kentucky, and South Carolina were gimme games. Yes, we suck now, but this in the exception to the rule. If you just started following U.T., and want to criticize them for the past number of years, you don't know what you're talking about and you don't know our great tradition of being an excellent football team, a contender.

  • Defense has got to change something has to happen one way or another after the UTC game if defense plays poorly here Rockers gotta go and possibly Ansley to 11 starters returned from last year unacceptable to be playing so poorly.

  • I watched the game with my family and friends at Neyland Stadium. It was a great game. I am from Knoxville TN, a VOLS for life, BYU for eternity! Congratulations Cougars! You have fans all over the country (and the world)

  • About to graduate from BYU here. Really waiting for Tennessee to make a comeback though… my dad has been a fan all his life and I literally watched his heart crushed in this game.

  • I feel bad for Tennessee fans damn that sucks start the season 0-2 and lose to 2 teams that they were supposed to dominate

  • Is not even fun to make fun of tennessee anymore. This is just sad. If they dont beat Chattanooga next week they will not win a game this year.