Birds of Prey – Review (No Spoilers)

Birds of Prey – Review (No Spoilers)

what’s up worry about it today I’m here
to review birds of prey just got back to the movie theaters and as I promised you
I’m going to give you my honest review so let’s just let’s just get to it no
spoilers here just my overall thoughts and Wow right off the bat I didn’t think
it was great I think it could have been better but it was also not the worst you
know the trailer did not look very promising and but sometimes you can be
very surprised but unfortunately I wasn’t I just really thought that it
could have been so much better but it wasn’t but I will start let’s talk about
the good things first so before I got that let me just talk about the over a
plot like you saw in the trailer Harley Quinn has broken up with the Joker and
that got her in a lot of trouble because now she does not have his protection
anymore meaning that everybody that she did something wrong they are after her
because they’re you know the Joker is not there to protect her
so that’s kind of the overall plot and like I’ve been saying on all my trailer
reactions and all of that that this is very much a Harley Quinn film it should
have been just Harley Quinn I don’t understand I don’t think there was
enough time to do the birds of prey things you know because there’s not
enough time to do character development to all the other character specially
characters that are very well established like canary and Huntress but
I’ll get to them but okay the best thing about this film was Harley Quinn I think
margot robbie really proved herself as she’s a great actress she was very
entertaining and she steals the show every time she’s on scene you know she’s
the voice her mannerisms she really nailed the character really enjoyed her
but she was not the best in the action scenes and that it’s where you if you
understand filmmaking or if you are one of those people that watch a lot of
action scenes you will see the problems there you know for me it was easier to
catch because I watched so many action films like if you see John wick Francis
and what Keanu Reeves was doing along with Halle Berry it was like it was so
believable because they trained for like a long time it looked great and they all
like rehearsed and it was done and billed for long shots but here every
time the camera was behind and he had his wide shot you could tell that you
know some of the action was good and fun but not all of it like some of it was
definitely not the great the greatest the cinematography was really good I
really enjoyed the callers the way that he was shot
the lighting there’s some beautiful fog seems towards the end that I really
enjoyed him cinematograph the cinematography was beautiful the set
designs the costumes itself were not the best actually I thought they were kind
of weak especially in comparison to do original costumes from the comics if you
know these characters from the comics but I think Harley Quinn has the best
costumes I think hers were were good but the other ones were not bad grades the
acting was another very good point and that’s something that could always save
the film for me that’s what kind of saves the films and the film a little
bit the acting your McGregor was great you know he he was not a very
interesting villain because they made him the rate that they wrote the
character he’s very one-dimensional which I think it’s always a problem but
the acting was so great that he stole the show like every time he was on scene
I was like okay I’m watching you know he’s really great actor so is margot
robbie so when both of them were in scene I was like I was into it and it
was probably the most enjoyable time for me that said oh there’s more more good
things the canary I really enjoyed her character more than I thought that I
would she had great action scenes I think her action scenes or her fighting
scenes were better than all the others she was very likable character – we
you know I didn’t really see that through the trailer so that was kind of
surprised for me sorry I really enjoyed her she was good
so was Huntress hunters was great she had some funny moments but her costume
was terrible I didn’t like the costume thing that could have been better
designed like I said there’s not enough time for character development there’s
some hints to what’s going on on their past but not enough you know and because
it was very much focused on Harley Quinn which is not a problem
but he should have just been a Harley Quinn film I think she’s popular enough
to carry her own film anyway so those are the good things now let’s talk a
little bit about the bad things okay this is very own time and film
definitely it’s very girls against guys a lot of like misogyny is shown in the
film which is a real thing for sure there are misogynist out there bad
people out there bad guys and bad girls as well but the movie is very much about
all bad men and not all the men there in this film I think there’s not even one
that is good although they’re all villains anyway so you’re not supposed
to care for them it’s kind of supposed to be kind of like a girl power film cuz
of course birds of prey right it’s about the girl’s findings which is fine I
don’t have a problem with that I enjoy that but I like it when it’s a little
bit organic you know and here it’s very much like they have to make the guys
really likable so the girls would shine and I don’t think that’s necessary I
think there’s you know not all guys are bad in the world you know there’s some
good ones out there for sure so that it’s always kind of bugs me when they do
that in films but so yeah that was one thing that I did not like the villain
the villain was what bugged me the most so you McGregor has you know incredible
actor he was very entertaining and he delivered the performance very well that
said there is no motivations for his character
he’s very one dimension is very evil I’m evil because I can so it’s like you’re
watching a Disney film even though this is rated R you know those evil guys he’s
just evil because because he can that’s pretty much what this character is and I
think that’s the problem because you know a you need a very strong folks I
mean I let me just compare him to the Joker
people love the Joker because he’s so complex he’s so crazy he does all these
things he’s just a very interesting character to watch you never know what
he’s going to do but here looking at black masks you already know he’s just
evil and he doesn’t like women I think you know he’s a terrible misogynist and
it’s just very one-dimensional very I’m bad you know I think that just makes a
little bit boring that was a problem for me so didn’t like that I think the girl
there’s a little girl wasn’t the best either I mean some points she was good
but not all the time there’s some points the acting was wasn’t that great I think
she was the weakest one of all of them I did care very much for the cop character
I don’t really remember her name in the movie but like I said it’s all because
there’s not enough time to do character development to all of these characters
you know so I just kind of picked the ones you think you liked the most like I
really enjoyed canary I really enjoy Huntress and Harley Quinn was the best
no Margot Robbie really stole the show for me so the action scenes was also
another problem okay like I said watching a lot of action
films you can really tell that they needed more rehearsals you know like if
you have these actors train a little bit longer or at least have a stunt person
doing certain scenes because I don’t know it’s just some of it did not
especially if you watch a lot of action films like myself know like the scene in
that is on the tree you see it scene in the trailer it looks like it’s like a
fun house right the circles or whatever but it’s very colorful those huge hands
that’s on the trailer that very weak you know the fight scenes were
not they were just not very interesting and that kind of pisses me off because
if you want to do all these girl empowerment Lisi should have nailed the
fighting scenes and it just looked very rehearsed and very like I just know I
didn’t really like it we should have been like better rehearsed better camera
movement and like actors should they have to move faster I don’t know it’s
just there’s something off that I didn’t I wasn’t really impressed there I’ll do
like the hair band thing because that’s something that oh I always wondered you
know like you’re someone that has long hair in the middle of a fight a hair
would probably getting away but no not all the action scene apparently they did
have some reshoots with the action scenes so some of the actions but even
with the reshoots I didn’t think it was great they could have been much better
but it’s also not the very heavy on action on this film there is a point
where you see Harley Quinn kind of shooting that’s on the like shooting at
a lot of people that’s on the trail as well that was a really cool scene I
think that was the best action scene in the film and also canary fighting was
very good as well so that I enjoyed but um
yes very mad there’s nothing that can say without spoiling which I don’t want
to spoil the film it could have been much better Oh another thing that’s very
important that I don’t want to forget this movie does not ignore events that
happened before so it is still within that DC Universe that we’ve seen before
you know so that’s that’s there however this movie doesn’t really
explain where this universe is going or what’s really about is it going to lead
somewhere it really feels like just like it’s there the movie is just there like
it doesn’t really do anything for the DC Universe which is kind of sad because I
was expecting for instance an end credits scene they don’t have it they
actually do have it but it’s more like a gag thing it’s not really worth you
seeing down towards the end because it kind of
probably will piss you off it’s literally something like a gag it’s not
really setting up anything that is going to happen in the future
I know so I think they don’t really know what’s going to happen to the skaters
but it’s all will depend on box office and I don’t know if guys are going to
really be enjoying to watch this film especially if you are a black mask fan
I’m not sure if you I’m not 100% sure if this character is was portrayed true to
the comics but yeah I didn’t really like that he was very one dimension I think
that’s a problem I think you need to show some motivations from your villain
so you kind of like it just makes everything way more interesting but yeah
guys just the math um nothing like the Joker film you know that was really
brilliant film yes there are some fun moments but it’s very like turn your
brain off and just watch the fun and just like laugh over here but I think
it’s not really a movie to take it very serious but that’s about it
I think out of a ten I would give this movie a six or maybe five and a half six
because it could have been much better I also like I said the whole thing not all
the guys needs to be that bad even the ones that are not villains are kind of
bad too so it’s just like the word cannot be that dark come on there’s some
good men out there but anyways jakka comments down below have you seen birds
of prey will you see birds of prey well if you are a Harley Quinn fan I think
you are going to have a lot of fun with this term because she was the best she
was definitely a good character she was definitely fun she was definitely
there’s some moments that is definitely like that’s Harley Quinn right there but
overall my opinions just stays like it’s just okay it’s very forgettable fell in
love moments here one-dimensional villain and that’s about it
and very on time and for sure so drop your comments down below I’d love to
hear yours in this film I can enjoy this review
don’t forget to hit that thumbs up subscribe for more and see you next time

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99 thoughts on “Birds of Prey – Review (No Spoilers)”

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of it’s problems came from the low budget. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they wanted to do more but had to hold back because of budget. Black Mask could have been fleshed out a bit more and the final climax could have been a lot better. As a jumping off point to introduce the characters was a good film. I didn’t really see the whole man vs women thing. Many action films with female leads usually always fight only men. I really enjoyed it but it definitely could have been better, I hope to see the Birds in a future film and with a bigger budget. Because I think these characters can definitely soar with that.

  • I saw it ( Thursday night – 9:30 P.M. viewing )…..h0ly sh1t……..this was everything….EXCEPT A "BIRDS OF PREY" MOVIE. This was the rest of the title of the movie….BOP, NOPE. This was Harley made a lot of noise and got into a serious mess with Black Mask and everybody in Gotham…..and of course BATS expected absence, UNEXPLAINED.

    This may have been an "ANTI – MYSOGINIST" film….GIRLS WERE FIGHTING GUYS….but to be honest, it didn´t feel that much SJW…..and Cassandra Cain…..OH GOD, those artistic multiversal liberties…argh, THIS GIRL IS DEFINITELY NOT GOING TO BE THE ASS – KICKING "BATGIRL" from Batman´s "No Man´s Land" storyline.

    Maybe they should´ve gone with the original "SIRENS" PLAN. Can´t believe WB / CW "Birds Of Prey" was more BOP than this.

  • Great review (as usual) Viv! I wasn't planning to see it in the theater. I do like Margo Robbie and her character added so much to Suicide Sqaud. I do think she can carry a film by herself, but the writing, action scenes and character development will have to be top notch for me head to the theater. She really could be the female counterpart to the Joker.

  • I avoid trailers for everything. But yesterday while watching 1917 they showed the trailer to this, and it looks really bad. I hope all these movies go flop. Enough of this garbage pls

  • Margot Robbie never was a good actor in the first place. Focus with Will Smith was terrible. She felt so constructed there. Suicide Squad, no thanks. I have no interest at all watching a movie with her, where she tries to act.

  • You repeated yourself several times…walking on egg shells….i understand you dont want to spoil it, but feel from your reaction this is as bad as it was predicted and not worth seeing.

  • I was forced to watch it because of the wife and daughter and all of us wish we had those two hours back. Save your money.

  • I thought it was okay. I liked Bruce the hyena, Black Canary(Smollet), and the whole Gotham police station scene. The DC Universe Harley Quinn animated show with Kaley Cuoco is way way better. I agree with Viv – 6/10.

  • Jesus if you thought John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum was believable, me and you need to have a discussion! For the love of all fight scene's they where over the top and went on forever. Worst John Wick film ever. Can't believe ther is going to be a fourth but lets continue with your review of Birds of Prey

  • Now I'm freaking conflicted if you complain about no diversity why promote one sided mentality? This is the issue that I'm gathering from the review. I'm not a big fan of Black Mask but I like Gothams gangs that atmosphere is one of the best things that Marvel lacks and as big and colorful as that is so is the criminal.

  • I wont go see this movie , I like the charactere Arley Quiin but I am tired of all this feminist movies who trash on men, I'm really tired of all this discrimination

  • Entirely agree. You can always tell when the actors & actresses have dedicated themselves into training for the roll.. Where use of weapons & fight sequences can make or break the movie.

  • The movie should have called harley Quinn chronicles
    Then they could do a team up at the end and then make birds of Prey after there's lot of problems in fighting scenes it Dosnt sync up and bit far feach

  • Jared Letos' Joker was the best on-screen version I've seen. And frankly it was a great evolution from the comic-book universes. Leto nailed that part. And I resent that there's not a 'Joker' cut of Suicide Squad, with as many reintegrated Leto scenes as they can salvage from the editing room floor.

  • if they really want to apeal to the majority of dc comic readers they should make a movie using the green lantern and green arrow and black canary stories from the early 80s and use the costumes that everyone is familiar with from then. that would sell tickets. forget trying to make it fit with modern day politics and self centered issues they need to recall the real difference between good and bad and what made a great story that everyone loved

  • The fight scene from the trailer (with the rubber hands) was terrible. Kids playing makebelieve are more convincing.

  • I'm finished with any superhero nonsense since Endgame! No money for tickets to this woke/broke Industry. Better wait for the broadcast on TV, less trouble by waste money AND time! 😎 But also thank you for your honest opinion about this next level female Bullshit! I don´t care anymore this kind of "art", cause its goes more and more insane!
    To watch YOUR vids is still more fun than ANY fucking Hollywoke-Trash! 👍

  • The guy that was doing sandwiches wasn't bad. I don't know why everyone is like man are bad they are exaggerated. It's like you forget it is still a comic book movie.

  • I want to also say, there were male characters that were good. There’s the Cook the landlord and Huntress background and there were some bad women. The gossipers, Air Conditioner and Frida. I know it’s a bit vague but this is a non spoiler review and I respect that.

  • Hey Viv – could you point out some movies that you think have decent female fight scenes? For me I'd say Gina Carano in Haywire ( ) for street fighting type combat or Michelle Yeoh & Xiang Xiyi in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon ( ) for a martial arts theme.

  • After seeing the fight clip of Harley and her birds of prey fighting the goons with all those hands. I honestly thought the choreography was terrible.

  • Thank you Viv for your insight. I won't go see this film. I am so tired of actors, producers and directors want me to spend money on crap. This movie have the 3 elements I hate. Agenda, Race swapping and Identity Politics. Plus I lost all respect of Ewan McGregor. Here's a man who to preach about misogyny and yet he cheats on his wife of 22 years for a fellow co-star. Really dude? When I go see a film, I want to be entertained!

  • Exactly what I said before, during and after watching the movie. Hey Viv I like your reviews always because your accurate eye for detail. Most things I think about film you have words to say. It was an exciting and entertaining movie though. The ending was the best when black mask finally gets his comeuppance among which his lgbt bi henchman.

  • It was anti man? and it wasnt a good movie? well that doesnt make any sense…All the great movies in history are anti man arent they? Oh well…Not all antiman movies can be hits…

  • Every single man in this movie was bad, from the friend who put her in his place betraying her for money ( he lives?), foster father, fathers, cop partner, cop boss, black mask driver, guys in the bar, driver of the truck she stole lol pissing on the street…. oh wait the men who trained huntress exception but she beat them up and the guys killed her parents but saved her ( was he on her list ) and the sandwich guy.

  • I’m not a fan of black mask(I don’t hate the character, just don’t know much about him), but even I could tell he wasn’t portrayed correctly. I learned by watching the red hood movie.

  • I didn’t like it at all. The story was kinda trash. The only thing I enjoyed was Margot playing Harley everything else was forgettable. They should’ve done SS2 introducing BOP then did the Harley Quinn movie or Just Harley in a Atomic Blonde style movie because in the comic books she’s in atomic blonde style character.

    Joker not being in the movie it felt kinda incomplete after all they are two sides of a very twisted coin and I like that coin.🤷🏽‍♂️🎥🎬

  • Saw this last night and had a blast…bot sure where you got meh?? Margot Robbie gets the essence of these characters…amazing action and cinematography, Black Mask and Zsaz steal every scene. The BOP are great especially Black Canary and Huntress (smaller role). Not every movie has to push the dceu forward to be good…but if you seek that ot gives it to you at the end. It's ok to have a small personal story now and then. Easily top 5 dceu movie.

  • They only decided to make this movie because Margot Robbie is hot and they wanted to squeeze some dollars from that

  • For anybody who doesn't read comics or watch Arrow, the first time Black Canary uses her powers will have you saying WTF? She has powers?

  • Even Captain Marvel had some male good guys in the movie – like Talos, Fury, and Coulson.

    Not gonna lie though. While I did enjoy that film, I don't like how she basically tries to become another guardian of the galaxy. I get why she'd want to help the Skrulls find their new home and all, but once she finished doing that, there was really no reason for her not to just go right back to Earth and stay there. Who cares what's going on 90 billion lightyears away? Not your planet, not your problem. Besides, if I had my former life stolen from me like that, I'd want it back too.

  • Zero stars! I've seen some stinkers lately including Cats, Dolittle, Turning, and Gretel….but wow….Birds of Prey really had me running for the industrial sized can of Lysol. Weak amateurish script, stupid plot full of holes, terrible overacting all around, flat jokes, bad music, ridiculous Masked Magician villain. There was one good action sequence, but then it looked like the rest were filmed by unpaid interns. I kept glancing at my watch just begging for the credits to roll so I could be EMANCIPATED from this dumpster fire. Don't waste your time or money on this one even when it comes out on streaming.

  • Disappointed in this review. Definitely sounded like there was more right than wrong from your feedback and yet given a 5. The rest of the Internet is also praising the Black Mask character, which I thought was great.

  • If I wanted the combination to a Bank Vault I would tie the bank manager to a chair and play him this with headphones. Just 5 minutes of the music would do it.

  • All the action was extensive re-shoots, they hired Chad Stahelski to do it that's why it was good but not enough, they didn't have time to rehearsal

    my problems with this mess…there is no plot, that's also the proof that they changed a lot when they did the reshoots
    they made black mask run for his life somehow…we all know he is a badass and the way they killed him, no respect for his character
    they made Harley invincible somehow with no weaknesses!!! even john wick can't just handle a fight without getting hurt and they give him some weaknesses, even superman for god sake
    and like every woke movie….being a bitch is cool, that's girl power!!!!

  • Viv I saw it online! It was average! I went to sleep on certain scenes! But these birds of prey fans hating and tarnishing the new upcoming Sonic the hedgehog movie because of their below average turnout suck and are complete trash!