Another Season 2 Legend? Who Could it Be? – Apex Legends News

Another Season 2 Legend? Who Could it Be? – Apex Legends News

Hey everyone, I hope you’re well. So there’s a lot of talk about the potential
for a second season 2 Legend. The reason being that a PlayStation store
listing showcased that season 1 would have two legends. It was rumored for so long that season 1 would
have Octane and Wattson. In fact, the original teaser for future Apex
Legends content clearly showcased both Wattson and Octane. Apex Legends ended up being way more popular
than Respawn had planned and they just weren’t quite as ready as they let us assume. As a result, Wattson was pushed in to the
season 2 battle pass, alongside the L-Star, which was also showcased so much during season
1 that it was actually surprising it never showed up in the end. So, it’s no surprise then that many people
now think that another Legend will launch in season 2. I want to share some thoughts on what the
new Legend will be and whether it will hit in season 2 or not. I’ll be sharing some sources from the community,
so make sure to check the description for the awesome people responsible. I’ll also share some information I’ve found
myself and give my own thoughts along the way. So before we begin, I want to start by saying
this. We’ve already been shown a lot for season
2, so let’s appreciate what comes. If a second legend doesn’t come, don’t get
dissapointed. I think that a lot of the dissapointment from
season 1 stemmed from hype built up by unconfirmed information shared through the community. So, let’s get started, and remember this is
all speculation – don’t leave this video expecting any of these legends to come in season 2,
but the possibility is there. So, let’s bring forward our potential new
Legends. We’ll go through them one by one to suggest
why they may come in to season 2. So, who are these people? We have Crypto, Nomad, Prophet, and Rose. So we’ll start with the least likely – Rose. Hinted at in game code before, we assume that
Rose is potentially the next Legend. The trouble is, we have no details about her
abilities and there’s not reference to her in-game. What’s strange is that a recent Tweet from
Apex Legends showcases the name Rosie, but not Rose. We assume Rosie relates to the Leviathan. What is strange though is that out of all
of the characters leaked before, Rose is the only legend that still has her rough 3D icon
still in the game files. All others have been removed. Up next, we have Prophet. Once again – little to go off here, but a
leak did reveal that Prophet may have an ability that allows her to see a player’s remaining
health. This may be Prophet’s passive. Considering this is in the game code suggests
Respawn are at least actively working on her. Up next, we have Nomad. Now, Nomad has an item in the game files that
has been left in there for a while. Wattson had her Tesla fence ability in the
game files for so, so long, and the only other unreleased ability was Nomad’s loot compass. No details on how this will work, but it opens
up a possibility for Nomad to be the next Legend. By the way, we don’t know this is Nomad – it’s
just a guess based on his overall appearance, but it could be anybody else. Next, we have Crypto. Now, this seems to be the fan favorite from
the people over on Reddit. Some theories have been thrown about that
the new Season 2 logo may include abilities relating to Crypto and Wattson. The Wattson abilities are clear as day, which
leaves what looks like a sword and a shield. Well, Crypto has a sword in his character
icon and there are in-game files that suggest a sword and a sword block ability will come. We also have these ability icons that could
potentially relate to the sword block in some way. Could that mean Crypto could be the next Legend? Well, sure. I mean, you can go and join the conversation
on the whole Crypto thing below, but I’m not 100% convinced. There’s still the potential that another legend
could be the next legend. Ultimately, it could be any of the legends
I am showing on screen now. All of these legends are probably in the works. For now, we should take a moment to enjoy
Wattson, the event planned for season 2, ranked, and whatever else Respawn has in store. We can think about the next legend later. What are your thoughts on all of this? Do you think that any of these legends could
be the next legend, and do you think they will be added in season 2? Let me know your thoughts. Leave a comment or come find me on Twitch
to discuss with me live. Alright, thanks for watching. Cheerio!

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85 thoughts on “Another Season 2 Legend? Who Could it Be? – Apex Legends News”

  • Well, Prophet leaked ability is pretty useless considering that all of us can calculate the health-shield remaining in a blink of an eye.At least that's what I do whenever I enter a gunfight.

  • I'm so hyped for anything Respawn would drop in season 2 😉

    If u like check out my Apex Montage on my channel,love 2 see ur feedback❤

  • I would enjoy going solo as a blade wielding melee master. Sneaking around, hiding on cliffs, dropping down to one hit a guy then disappearing back into the rubble…good times.

  • I feel like this could all be red herrings. Like they learned their lessons and are just leaving the old breadcrumbs to give us something to distract us. I'm betting Keanu Reeves will be the next character.

  • Remember when Wattson was leaked with Octane?
    Now Wattson is leaked with other legends.
    That's right.
    So Wattson is only the legend.
    Like people said Octane and Wattson were going to release in Season 1.
    So obviously they're gonna do the same thing and release 1 legend for 1 season.
    Watch me go against the whole community and get it right.

  • DUDES!
    The leviathan near Water Treatment just moved and faced its direction in Repulsor! its coming! (As of now 9:00PM GMT+8)

  • I wouldn't be surprised if they released the second new legend about half way through season 2. Watson was pretty much finished during season 1 so they've probably had time to get another legend almost completed.

  • I think Crypto should be named Jericho after the siege on Jericho, because in the stories the night before the battle begun the arch-angel Michael came down from the skies and gave te warrior Josva his sword. As Crypty clearly has a sword on his back I think it would be more fitting.

  • You have a good channel and content, but i feel that you need more energy when you are giving the info.

    It feels like you are doing it because you have no choice.

  • I’m refusing to use YouTube because of the direction it has been going. Censorship and other changes that are destroying such an amazing platform. This channel is without doubt the best for apex content, I will miss it hugely and hope you carry on making content. Farewell Gaming Merchant see you on twitch. X

  • Maybe their plan is add a new legend one season, and add bug fixes and add small stuff, then the next season add two legends and a bunch of new stuff and events. Like a season of down time and then add a bunch of stuff like legends.

  • well they’re drawing inspiration from the Titanfall universe and the Ronin titan with its sword attack and sword block features would be my best bet.

  • No second legend for season 2 if Respawn didn’t announce it, it won’t happen. They don’t surprise us with things they usually leave us high and dry and underwhelmed if anything. I hope I’m wrong.

  • Here are some Legends to increase your hype. But, Hey! Don't fall for the hype! Be grateful!

    But… I'm just teasing. I liked the video, as always. Good work!

  • What if there is a legend that their kit is all about explosives ? Their tactical can possibly “Evolve” existing explosives into much better equipment . Example , If I pull out a frag grenade and use my tactical , it turns to a cluster grenade . Or if I pull out an arc Star , it turns to an electric smoke grenade . Interesting concept right ? 🙂

    Add upon my idea if you’d like .

  • This season 2 they’re focusing about adding legends , season 3 about weapons So there’s a posibility 2-3 Legends will be release and playable this coming Season ✊

  • I do doubt any new legends will come, just because they can make their lives so much easier if they push it back to season 3, theres no reason to pump out everything

  • I’m pretty sure the legend you showed on screen as supposedly being nomad is Jericho.The one with the white face is nomad(From what Ive heard and seen atleast)

  • Hey are there any ps4 players here who are constantly facing timeout issues when your Queing for a game and are in a match?I hope I’m not the only one facing these annoying issues.

  • I dont think they'll release another legend until season 3 honestly. And the battle pass was really bad I think that's why people were upset about season 1. Like 95% of the stuff in there will never be used like ever and that's no joke. Seems like they got it though season 2 looks great

  • I think it would be super interesting to have two legends released in one season! I'd love to see them pull that off (without overworking their employees). But I also definitely think one legend per season would be reasonable when you think about all of the work they put into it and that quality is more important than quantity. I'm perfectly happy with Wattson coming out and I can't wait to play as her! 🙂 I think they're doing a great job with the game, so far.

  • As much as YouTubers are in and out of love with this game, I'm glad that you continue to release content on a regular basis. Lots of the information is useful – I recently turned off the hitmarkers and I can feel the difference. Thank you for your videos!

  • I honestly don’t know what a new legend might do to how the game is played. While octane was a great addition he didn’t change much. He hasn’t a few movement abilities and health regen. Watson and some of the other potential legends may offer drastic shakeups to gameplay. Their abilities could change the way we attack defend or loot. With so many potential legends I wonder how each will impact gameplay? Will apex be recognizable in a years time? One thing I like about brs are the freedom you have to approach each game. In apex you can approach them with differently based on your legend and offers a lot of possibilities.

  • I love the game, but I don't really get how the new content is taking so much time for them
    when they kind of had several new characters already planned and worked on even before the launch of the game. 🤔

    I get that they take balancing seriously, but still.
    It's a little slow especially when they have a full team, and probably could push out a new character every 2 months.

    Several bugs still remain in the game from launch even.
    And they've spent a lot of time balancing the original legends, so obviously there will always be balancing to be made AFTER content is released.
    I think they should be less afraid of initial imbalances of new characters, and just work to release them so the game is refreshed.

  • I really would like Crypto being the second season 2 legend, he just looks so cool, and we already have his banner, sooo… Yhea…

  • 2:05 dude the datamine says "Rose/Rosie"… I'm 99% sure the Leviathan ISN'T named Rosie, like wtf… why would be a digital report message speaking about a leviathan named L001 (L from leviathan ofc) that started moving closer to the island, and a random note on the monitor speaking about "where tf is Rosie?"?

    They tracked the leviathans and if one of them was strange that would be written in that digital report too, not just a note…

    Rosie is most likely the new legend, and they ask "what wrong with Rosie" bcs maybe she is obsessed to find an explanation to why the Leviathans started moving or something… NOT TO MENTION they can always change the names of the characters… the codename "rose, skunner, nomad…" and so on are just for them to reffer at them with name, but they can always change the name… since the datamine says at that girl "Rose/ Rosie" it's clear to me that they chose Rosie…

    2:16 Even you said that she is the only datamined legend that has her 3d model still there, so that's a sign they're working on her…

    if they said "L001 is moving" means the 2nd Leviathan is most likely L002 or L000, but not Rosie trust me…

  • If greninja is season 2 legend

    Tacticel-water shuriken 7× time throw
    Ultimate-turn into ash-greninja (run fast,high jump
    Passive-can wall climber/ IDK



    I dream it last night
    It was so awesome/hot
    Than my teacher

  • I think that the nomad render is incorrect. I feel it would be the one with the red cloak and skull mask

  • 1:17 "I think that the a lot of disappointment, from Season 1, STÄMMT from … !" kam das deutsch wohl durch xD!

  • I have ideas for cryptos moves passive is a sheild ability is sword slash ultimate hacking were he turns invisebel for 20 seconds