Alienware Plays Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – Gameplay on Aurora Gaming PC

Alienware Plays Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – Gameplay on Aurora Gaming PC

Hello, and welcome back to
the Alienware YouTube channel. I’m Umar Khan, and today we are
playing Resident Evil 7, but on what? On the much requested Alienware Aurora. You guys wanted to see more
Aurora videos, So here you go. Here’s an Aurora video. This game unfortunately
doesn’t work in VR on the PC. How sad. But it’s still super spooky scary. These are the settings I am playing at. 1080. We’re putting this on
very high settings. Additionally, guys, I am using an SLI
1070 configuration with the new Kaby Lake Alienware Aurora. And let’s see how well the game
runs while we’re playing this, and let’s get in there. Let’s play the game. And we’re going to do it on normal,
because that’s the way you play games. OK, so I’m recording a little bit
more ahead from just the beginning, because I wanted to get
us into some zombie stuff. But this stuff is actually pretty scary. Just a little info, I haven’t
really played– oh, god. All right, so what the hell is that? Looks like a deer. Anyway, I am here with
my wife, Christina, who used to work at Alienware. Hi, Christina. Hi. And the reason I have her here
is because I never really played Resident Evil. But you did. Yes. I love Resident Evil. Oh, my god. Yeah, what the hell’s that? So I haven’t really
played Resident Evil. Not that I’m scared, or anything. I’m not scared. Yeah, sure. Yeah, but decided, you know, maybe
I’ll have you with me for this one. Since, you know– Is it taking you through
a different path? Yeah. So basically, what
happened before I got here was that there was a
mansion, or something, that I was supposed to get to. And I couldn’t open the gate,
but then I saw that there was a side entrance, or something. A path. See? And I decided to follow it. You see, I was supposed to go– there? Yeah. It took you to there. Yeah. And now I’m going this way. So pretty much the story right now,
if you guys don’t mind spoilers, is that this guy’s girlfriend,
I guess, was babysitting. Wife. Wife? Was it his wife? Yes. You sure it’s his wife? Yes. And there she is. Oh, my god. FYI, I wouldn’t do this for you. If you were missing for three years– he gets an email that’s
like, babe, check it out. I’m alive. And– well, this is what she sends him. Baker Farm. Come get me. You wouldn’t come for me? I mean, I’d need a little bit more
proof before I take any form of action. I think you should have called– he should have called the police. He should have called the police. And he should have maybe– I don’t know– Texas. Text somebody? Oh, Texas? Yeah. Texas license. That’s where we are now. Still need to get my Texas license. But no, I wouldn’t come to get you. Not with this spooky, scary stuff. You wouldn’t have come to get me. I would not. No, you would have– you can’t do that whole oh, you’re
a man, you need to come get me. You wouldn’t come get
me if I was trapped. No. No. You wouldn’t. Not in this world. Resident Evil? Yeah. These people know that there’s
zombies, and crazy stuff going on, because the last Resident
Evil game was, like, an action game. Yeah. Like, it was just straight up killing– Ew. These shadows look awful. Oh, my god. It closed. Oh, look. Flashlight. It’s OK. Doesn’t look like it has
a battery cell, either. It just– unlimited battery. I’m gonna– Oh, my god. Yeah, I’m gonna open this carefully. Just gonna– OK, just gonna
be a little careful, right? Going to close it. Because– Yeah, safe bet. Yeah. Because that way I can hear
if someone’s coming, right? Don’t open all your doors,
and leave them open. One, it’s rude. All right? You should close the door. Let’s keep going through here. The heck? I just got texted a Metallica picture. OK, anyway– Check everything out. Yeah. All right. So this doesn’t open up,
and I clearly can’t open it with a photocopy of someone’s license. I need her– you know why he needs her? Because he needs to have
someone co-sign his lease. So she’s the only person
that’s willing to do it, because he makes awful
financial decisions– Check out everything. But she’s always there for him. It’s just dirty stuff, Tina. Open that pot. Look, there’s nothing in here but– beef stew and roaches. Oh, god. And look, dude, his
reaction time is garbage. Oh, god. Roach on me. Yeah, bro. Just wipe it off. That was a big bug, too. That’s like, a Florida roach. What’s in there? A picture of someone creeping up from– Yeah, I would leave right now. Who does this? Like, who takes these pictures and
thinks, yeah, cinematically speaking, this is really nice. This is a good shot. This is spooky scary. Anybody that comes through
is gonna get spooky scared. Let’s see what’s in here. Microwaved bird. Yeah. Turn off that water. Yeah. You know, even though it’s a spooky
place, let’s conserve the water. Because this planet we live
in, we have to make sure that– You have to. Yeah. For our kids, man. You gotta make sure that you can– oh, god. Oh, man, that’s disgusting. That’s not that bad. Yes, it is. I mean, it’s bad, but it’s not that bad. When I used to do real estate stuff,
when I first got out of high school– Oh, my god. Things were– I’ve been in some
houses that were disgusting. Not this disgusting, but the
fridges were worse than that one. So let’s take a look. Gotta check all the corners, you know? Never know where there’s a zombie. My only real experience was watching– Oh, there’s something to check out. Oh. I see. Oh, it’s just someone
pooped in a drawer. Or throw up. Could be throw up. Oh, that’s a– that’s
a good picture, too. Like, OK, let’s talk about this, right? Before this house became spooky scary. Yes. Someone lived here. But then they put that
picture up, right? They put that spooky– I almost said Scooby Doo. That spooky picture up to make sure
that it fit the ambiance of scariness. Like, somebody went to the
horror, like, Big Lots. Go upstairs. I’m going to save first,
because I’m scared. You should always save. Yeah. Because I haven’t had a chance
to save since we started. Tape. All right. OK. [INAUDIBLE] Wait, are those stairs? Naw, those aren’t stairs. That’s a– Yeah, that’s a wall. That’s a wall, and– like, a rack. I thought they were stairs. It’s a rack. No, it’s my shadow. Don’t worry. Oh, god. I would not even go–
step foot into this house. I would not even. Not even. I can’t listen to the tape with my ears. I have to go find a VCR. All right. Two doors. Oh, my god. Gotta be careful. Go in that one. Gotta be careful. Could I use the mirror
to see what’s in there? No, I can’t. What’s in here? Check everything. Nothing to check. Oh my god. A closed door. Oh my god. Yeah. I don’t know if I could. OK. I’m gonna be careful. I’m gonna be– oh, OK. There’s a TV. It’s just a TV. Nothing to be scared of. This isn’t The Ring. Until I pop in this tape
in that VCR over there. Oh, something on the table. Oh, what’s this? Oh, booty shots. Spooky. Is it just butt, or
is it, like, his arm? No, it’s an arm. With some legs. Not spooky at all. Piano. Let’s just play the
piano in spooky land. Oh, my god. There’s no zombies in this game. This is a game about the haunted piano. That’s nice. There’s a prison somewhere. Yeah, that’s nice. Like, someone put these
here to, like, give me clues to let me know stuff’s creepy. Anyway, let’s pop this in,
and let’s see what happens. All right. So you used to work at Alienware, and
you used to do integration, right? You used to be, like,
the assistant supervisor. Yeah. The people that made sure that
their games were installed. Oh, shit. [LAUGHTER] Where’d you find this guy? Give me a break. OK, that scared me. I only work with professionals. We’ll go into your history later. But that guy scared the hell out of me. Yes. I don’t want a repeat of Amarillo. That was two fucking years ago. Oh, look, it’s the house. I don’t like his language. One, I can’t say that bad language,
but I can play games with bad language, and monsters. Why? What’s up, corporate America? What’s up with that? New plan. We do a walk through
of the inside first. Ghost hunters. Then we shoot the intro. Just like we always do. Just try to say the
show’s name this time, OK? No problem. Gee, man. Sewer gators. Another worthless fucking shit hole. Wait– he needs to chill
with that language. These shadows are bothering me. It doesn’t look like there’s
anything I can do to fix it, though. If anybody has any ideas on how to make
these shadows not look so strange– Probably because you’re watching it. No, but when we first
went to the house– I know it’s because we’re watching a
VHS, but when we were in the house, the shadows were weird. And it bothered me. I guess I just want
to know how to fix it. It’s just that it bothered me a lot. All right, let’s go. If anybody knows how
to fix that weirdness, let me know in the
comment section below. Get out of the way. And get out of the way, doofus. Be a man. Yeah. Be a man. You have to kick down
the spooky house door. Be a man. After you. Look, he’s like, this
guy’s such a jabroni. That’s how you do it, bro. Yeah, that’s how you do it. He’s like, obviously you’ve
never kicked down a door. What’s to prep? Shitty house, spooky sounds. Oh, is it haunted? Let’s see if there’s
anything different, right? Fuck me. I was an anchor, you know? Check everything. Weekend sub, Pete. Not anchor. What’s that? Nothing. Or anything. Oh, look– What? Look at what? Painting. What’s the story, Andre? Abandoned farmhouse. Missing family. Foul play suspected. The usual. How long did you say this
place has been abandoned? Shut up and keep moving. Three years. Still chained. Yep. Still chained. Still smells like poop in here. Check out the kitchen. This would make a great cut away. I’m gonna open it. Get ready for roaches. Get ready for roaches. Billy Joe and his family go missing. Still the same. Oh, it’s still good. Still good. Just– You would eat it? They were quiet, not backwards. It looks relatively new, because
everything else had grime on it. But that [INAUDIBLE] was
pretty thoroughly cleaned. This is still pretty gross, which
means, where did they get that meat? That meat’s people. Oh, shit. It’s the freshest meat. And he doesn’t keep it here. Nothing in there. No one’s taking pictures yet. This would make a great backdrop. Andre, what do you think? Oh, my god. Andre? Where did Andre go? He’s great. Andre? Andre! Clancy, you see where Andre went? Check it. Where is he? Un-fucking-believable! It looks like he’s
lighting’s still not working. Oh, you can’t see. That’s right. And it can’t save in a flashback VHS. Cameraman like you, Clancy? You stick with me. Oh yeah, that spooky
picture wasn’t there yet. Didn’t look like it. Keep walking, bro. Come on. Quit being such a wimp. I’m gonna be a little careful this time. What the fuck was that? Did you hear that? I don’t like his language. Just open it. Oh my god. He’s afraid. Andre? First of all, who goes into
the bayou dressed this way? Like, we’re in the bayou, aren’t we? You’d have shorts. Yeah, you’d be wearing shorts– well, no, you’d wear pants. You’d wear pants because of mosquitoes. Yeah. You’re right. Andre, where are you, man? Look. The TV’s not on. And there’s no VHS player. You didn’t check that before. No. Now I know to go look for it. What the hell? Oh my god. Look at this picture. These are normal looking people. What did you do? What happened? His face is scary. All right, new deal. His face is scary. We find Andre, and we go. I mean, fuck this show. Get out of my way, big boy. Get out of my way. OK. All right. Things look pretty nice right here. Very– wouldn’t you just call the cops? Like, the moment that that opened,
wouldn’t you just call the cops? I would not go down there. No, not on your own. No. But I would call the cops, and tell
the cops, hey, spooky house turned out to be super spooky. Please help me. My friend’s missing. Yeah. What do you see? Then we find out cops are in on it. They’re always in on it in this stuff. Hey, look, Blair witch. Oh my god. Hey, Andre, what’s up? Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Ew. Ew, ew. [SHOUTING] That’s disgusting. Oh, my god. Hey, look. It’s clearly a meth lab. It’s a meth lab. [SHOUTING] That’s nice. That’s a nice thing to
watch while you’re in– That was Walter White that grabbed
me, wearing his meth cooking suit. Check the wall. Jesus. All right. Don’t use the Lord’s name in vain, guy. I’ll just stick the VCR in there. The VHS. All right, so just making sure
things are pretty OK, still. All right? Actually, I’m just gonna go save again. Let’s go save, so we don’t
have to do that again. Just go ahead and press F. Oh, yeah. Still haven’t found you, Mia. But we’re getting there. We’re getting there. Let’s go run downstairs. I would be out of this house. Yeah, I would have left. All right. So– Now you gotta do the thing. I don’t see anything to pick up. I’m just going to– first, let’s
take a look at this family. Right? Look at this. You know something’s up. Look at the dad. He looks creepy. He looks– the kids look creepy, too. To be fair. Creepy looking kids. So that’s open. Now you know where to go. Now I know where to go. All that that I just watched was
just to let me know where to go. All right. So there’s more roaches, and– you know what I like, though? You see all these
plastic bags everywhere? Someone is being sanitary. Like, they’re cleaning up their
mess, they’re putting it in bags, and oh, god, how did
I not see this coming? We’re going to keep breaking. What happened to the freaking– Dammit. To the jerkasaurus that
was like, oh, you go check? More bags. Oh, look, everything’s covered. Everything’s covered. Hey, look, that’s still
kind of rusted with blood. Like, that. That’s how Andre died. No. So that guy came from here. This isn’t creepy. No, this isn’t creepy. That means this guy
came out of the water. That means this guy
came out of the water. I have to go in the water. Oh, yeah, poop water. Of course it’s not clean water. It’s a spooky house. There’s bubbles. There’s bubbles? Coming out. I think it’s just water
dripping from the– No. No? Bubbles? Look. Oh, yeah. Look at that. Let’s just to get the hell out of here. Let’s just go this way. Zombies in there. I would certainly hope not. Oh, shit! Oh my god! Oh, my god! Why? Naw, just the dead. Just dead people. Oh, my gentle heart. OK, so that’s– Wait, what’s on the wall? There’s posters. These are people that are missing. That’s everyone in the water. Like, this guy– this
guy captures people, and then he likes that he
gets his work published. So he goes, and he takes clippings out. All right. Is that the jail? Yep. Yeah. In the photograph. There’s the jail in the photograph. And I don’t see anybody in there. I don’t even see a way to
press F. Nice drawings. There’s a toilet. I heard something jingle jangle. And it’s never good when
something jingle jangles. Look at that. Great picture. Can you close that door? Yeah, maybe so zombies don’t
come out of the water and eat me, I guess would be a good– Hey, guess what? I can’t close it, so– That’s a good sign. Yeah. Hey, there’s a toilet in there. Look. There’s a jail cell. With a person in there. Mia? Clearly can’t open it. Yeah. Smash it with the tape. Mia, I don’t understand! It’s not working! Check everything. Oh, look. Dead turned L? Who’s Clancy? L means living, or L means– Probably living. The mystery continues. I won’t take the paper, though. I’ll just leave it here. OK. Yay. I’ll take these bolt cutters. If she turns out to
be a scary person, I’m hitting her with these bolt cutters. There we go. That’s how you use it. Snip. All right. Now say hello. Hey, Mia. What’s up, honey cakes? Yay, it’s her. Thank god I found you. It’s me. It’s Ethan. Ethan? Ethan, my teeth are so clean, still. Are you all right? You shouldn’t be here. What do you mean? You contacted me. No. No, I wouldn’t. She’s been trapped here for,
what, like, three years? Yeah. And her clothes is relatively clean. She’s clean, herself. Did he see you? She’s clean, herself. Her hair doesn’t look that bad, either. It’s nice and wavy, still. He’s coming. We need to go. You can tell it’s riddled
with neglect, but– She sounds confused. She sounds confused. But who doesn’t in this place? I’m confused. Look, her jeans are relatively clean. Where are you taking me? That’s not where we came from, girl. Someplace safe. Yeah. Why are you taking me further into hell? Like, we could still go up that ladder. You just have to push a
dead body out of the way. Three years? Normal stuff. The usual. Has it really been three years? Look– look at her butt. It’s clean. Like, you’d think that– it means that this guy’s
not that bad of a jailer, because he lets her
poop when she needs to. Like, she doesn’t have, like,
poop stains on her pants. All right, let’s just go through here. You know, I saw a movie
a long time ago, where it was a bunch of people that
were, like, going to hell, or something like that. But it was like, the story
of how they got to be dead. We need to get out of here first. And there’s a scene similar to
this, where you go through here, and there’s razor blades on the wall. And on the other side, there
were dogs chasing people. And I think it was Mr.
Feeny from Boy Meets World. He was the one that went
through the razor blades. Oh, look. [INAUDIBLE] on the floor. Oh, look, meat chunks. That’s what he made the beef stew with. This is probably where– in
that photograph with the lights. Lots of shoes. She seems to be OK with this situation. Yeah. She’s ike, OK, let’s go. She’s just, like, it’s just normal. Just don’t think about it, Kevin. I don’t know the guy’s name. I’m not paying attention. Ethan? I didn’t. OK, fine. I didn’t freaking make the meat chunks. We just gotta go. Everything that I know. She’s not telling me anything. I’m telling you everything I know. You’re just not, though. All right. I guess I’m the only one freaked out
that there’s gigantic chunks of meat. He should be like,
let’s go the other way. Yeah. Cause I know– Are you sure you know
where you’re going? Also, this place is disgusting. Are they trying to tell me that
hoarders do evil experiments? Because this looks like
a hoarding experiment. Here we go. Here come the razor blades. Gonna fit all the way through there? Mia, you’re being really inconsiderate. I know that you want to
bring up my weight issues, but this isn’t the way,
or the time to do this. There. It’s there. Let’s go through here. There’s a surprisingly
small amount of rats. Have you seen a rat yet? You’d think there would
be rats everywhere. I remember this room. Oh, good. There’s another door here. I’m sure of it. Check. E-001. It’s gone! You’ve got to remember that. Experiment 001. We’re going to be a family,
now that you’re here. Oh, no. Oh, my god. I’m scared. What’s going on with her? Why’s she talking so weird? Pull down the wall here. What are you talking about? No, the other one. What? This one? Oh. OK. Hey, there’s two. Let’s just be creeped out together. All right, cool. Nice. Creepy dolls. All right, that one’s a
little worse for wear. Leave me alone! Can we save her again? Gotta save her again. Mia, geez. Seriously? This is what you go
through all the time? Oh, my god. It opens. Yeah. Let’s go find out. I gotta go save her. There’s no time to– I’ll just check. All right. Nice map, that I can’t really look at. I guess I got it. All right, so this is where I’m at. Gotta get into that living room. I’m scared. [INAUDIBLE] use the bathroom? Check everything. Yeah, there’s plenty
of medicine in here. Let’s see if there’s
any in the cupboard. Or a can opener. They’re not trying to
warn you, or anything. Yeah, they’re not trying to tell me
that things are about to get real. You’ll need this medicine for something. OK, so this is an opening. [KNOCKING] Sounds like someone’s knocking. What th– Don’t fall on me, things. Hey. Hey. Can I grab this to open the door? Or just grab it as a weapon. I would. Clearly, pressing F over and over
again is not going to open this door. It’s only the stairs. I don’t know where to go. I’m blocked. Hey, now that I have these bolt
cutters, maybe I can go back to the gate and open it. [INAUDIBLE] From the beginning. Call the [INAUDIBLE]. I don’t really know what to do. You have to [INAUDIBLE]. Bolt cutters. I’m gonna slap the door with it. This won’t open. Jump out the window. Just going to use the telephone. Hello? Ma? I need to save. You’re being too slow with this. Like, as if, like, a tongue is going to
come out of the thing and lick his ear. Well, turns out you
can’t call– actually, I think you could still call 911. What’s in here? All right, nice. Tarp. Mhm. Wait, you can use anything as a weapon. Yep. All right, I’m just
going to open this up. But I’m just going to
go down the stairs. What’s happening? Oh, shit. No! What the hell? Oh, my god. Let’s get out. Oh– no! Oh, the freakin’ poltergeist. Get off me. Whoa. Is this, like– are these
zombies, like, [INAUDIBLE]?? I don’t know. I don’t know if she’s a were-zombie. Oh, shit, she’s going to stab me! Why do zombies have knives? Resist! Oh, god. Am I supposed to die here? Is this the prologue, and now
it’s gonna say, Resident Evil 7? Run. Run. Yeah. Oh my god! Crazy. So what is it, you turn into a zombie,
or you just turn into a killer? What’s happening? And this guy’s just
watching the picture. He’s just like, I’m reading the
book, but I’m turning my head, because this is interesting. Oh, god. Oh, she stabbed my hands way too much. Too much hand stabbing. Mia, stop it. I don’t like your superpowers. Look, she’s back to normal. Can you hear her? Gee, man. I can feel her clawing
her way back inside me. Yeah, maybe I should stab you
right now with that knife. Yeah, I get it. Mia– break your skull, Mia. This isn’t worth it. I’ll get someone else to sign the lease. I deserve this. Yeah. Where’s that knife? Yeah, find the knife. We need a weapon. Uh– The future. This is what you needed it for. Yeah. When I got mugged in Boston, that’s
what I did, to clean my wounds, and to heal up instantly. I just poured– Oh, my god! She’s back. Hey. Hey, Mia, chill out. No! I’m sorry. Hey, she opened that door for you. Yeah, she opened the door. Oh, my god. She has another weapon. Oh, my god. Psycho. Listen, Linda Blair,
you need to chill out. I’m gonna stab you. Gotta cut her head off. Cut her head off. Oh, man. She’s not your wife anymore. You shouldn’t have come here! Yeah, I don’t think–
oh, Ethan’s his name. Ethan’s his name. Ethan. Kill her, dude. Yeah. Yeah. In the neck. Get her in the neck. Chop that head off! Dude, why is your
eyeball not falling out? She’s not Mia. Oh, my god. She’s not the Mia you used to know. Oh, thank god. Man, that’s sad. Sad for what? She turned normal. It was the only way. I know. But that’s that. I’m glad she’s dead. I don’t think she was worth it. All that– I would’ve stabbed you. The moment you started
saying weird stuff, you could be part of the family– I would have stabbed you. Honestly. Naw, Tina, you’re– That was weird. You’re too creepy for me. Die. I’ll raise the kids alone. Part of the family. Get out of here. Yeah, let’s get out of here. Oh, telephone. Oh, my god. I saw what you did. It’s crazy. You really shouldn’t have come here. Who’s this? What the fuck is going on? My name’s Zoe. There should be a way
out through the attic. Attic? Go there. Now. All right, I’ll– I’ll
just get to the attic. That’s what I’ll do. I’ll just go to the attic. Guess what? Just like in every horror thing,
she’s not going to be there, right? Yep. There we go. Mia’s roaming around,
being a jerk again. She’s not in the bathroom, clearly. I thought maybe she’d be
like, oh my god, Ethan. I really have to use the bathroom. OK, so I’m not going back there. Yeah. OK, that’s good. Locked door. Now go up. Well, first let’s make sure
she didn’t [INAUDIBLE].. Save it. OK, yeah, I’m gonna save. OK. That is the end of our first
part of Resident Evil 7, playing on the Alienware Aurora. We’re going to do more
parts, and I’m probably going to have you join
me for more of them. OK. Thanks for joining me, Tina. Don’t forget to like and subscribe, and
follow the Alienware YouTube channel. Talk to you all later. Bye. Bye. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  • We're can I sell my Alienware 17r3 and the new 17 I am thinking of getting has gtx 1050ti this is a bad gtx so is it worth getting g amp and getting gtx 1080 and if I get 1080 will it be the same to your bf1 video or shud I wait and go with gtx 1050ti is it ok plz help and will I have option of 4K and 1440p

  • I now that is not the video for this question, but please answer.
    I have a Alienware 17 R5 (Mid 2013) with a 880m and 120Hz display. I would like to upgrade the graprics card to a new GTX 10 series, like a 1070.
    When can we have a definitive answer about if the upgrade is possible?? Alienware is not giving any support for upgrading older laptops with newer graphics cards.

  • can someone help me witch one is it worth getting 17r4 with 16gb of ram and gtx1060 or 17r4 16gb of ram and gtx1050ti! help me please can they both suport 2k and 4k how mutch diffrent in performance are they and can they both do bf1 ultra settings at 75fps avg please help me and if i get the one with gtx1050ti cant i just get g amp and put gtx1080 in it and it will be the same as the one that is $3000 and come's with gtx 1080 plz help:)

  • i am now haveing this dame thing agien it is like there is a vires on my alien17 13 fps on minecraft this happend before and i dont know how to fix it i need new 17 so bad beacuse with gtx1060 in new 17 i hop it can get 76FPS on bf1 ultra settings and my17r3 gets 32FPS with ultra it is not playable so alienware can you have a sail in summer and my mom is still paying for my alienware but can i still trade it in? please help i just want a computer like the one in your bf1 video even if my new 17 cant hit 130FPS i just want it to hit 75 at avg on ultra settings that is my dream(ps im not a big fan of bf1 im just useing it beacuse if new 17 can hit 75FPS at avg then most games will be really good and with new 17 will i have option of 2k and 4k in my games if i orrder it will HUD screen?