50 Destiny Mysteries PART 2 | Myelin Games

50 Destiny Mysteries PART 2 | Myelin Games

Pulled Pork finishes up a scan of a floating
piece of concrete and rebar, then turns toward them. “I am looking for my Guardian!” he chirps. “That’s nice. You gonna find him in that rock?” “You never know, Miss Nkechi Thirty-Two. Maybe my Guardian is very small.” “Maybe,” Nkechi agrees. “But you might want to consider scanning the
dead, bud. That shell’s pretty snappy. Is it new?” It’s Reef-purple, with a flowerlike silhouette
and silver detailing. “Well. With that in mind, let’s check back on him
in a couple months. Who knows? Maybe he’ll get lucky and find the greatest
Guardian of all time.” [INTRO]
Continuing the countdown. Question number 11. Where is Lysander? As far as I am aware we have not had any new
information regarding Lysander. Lysander was the leader of the Concordat who
tried to overthrow the Vanguard, however they were stopped by another Faction known as New
Monarchy at Bannerfall, a tower along the wall. The Bannerfall grimoire card reads,
“Lysander and the Concordat mark the most recent example of a City political factions
rising in opposition to the Consensus. This site marks a legendary battle where New
Monarchy’s Guardians rose to deliver the final blow to the Concordat, unraveling the war
effort Lysander sought to bring against the Vanguard.” The Concordat were then exiled from the Tower
and dismantled. The Ghost Fragment: City Age grimoire card
reads, “And so it is agreed. The Concordat shall no longer be recognized
among the Consensus. We’ll begin the dismantling right away. But what of those Guardians who have pledged
to them? We can’t afford any more banishments.” “I’m sure Zavala can see to their realignment.” “We’ll do our best. Lysander chose his followers wisely. It may take some time.” “Lysander will not back down. He’ll continue his crusade from wherever we
stuff him.” “And so we’ll need to find some new ideas
to replace his.” The last we heard of Lysander was when we
received the Sparrow, Lysander’s Cry as a gift, during Destiny 1 Rise of Iron. The implication of this gift, is that Lysander
is still trying to bribe and recruit followers. According to Ikora’s secret agents, the
Hidden, Lysander is still plotting his return. The Lysander’s cry grimoire card reads,
According to the Hidden, in the wilderness beyond the City, Lysander rallies his supporters
and plots his return. Some whisper of sympathizers in the Tower
and hidden gifts for Guardians who honor him. Moving on. Question number 12. Where does Efrideet go? The Pacifist Settlement location? We got a lot of information about Efrideet
as an Iron Lord during the Dark Age when Destiny 2 Forsaken released. For example, this much loved entry when Efrideet
throws Saladin like a javelin. The Mark of Remembrance lore entry reads,
He stops speaking as Efrideet grabs him by the metallic collar, pressing him over her
head. Arc energy from both Lightbearers coalesces
in a roaring storm around them—Saladin’s crackling, barely contained, Efrideet’s flowing,
guiding. The mountain rumbles beneath her as she steps
forward. Waves of gravel and dirt blast up behind her
as she hurls the armored man off the cliffside like a javelin, their combined Arc energy
singing like a drawn sword. Saladin’s gilded form becomes a cannon shot,
tearing holes through three layers of clouds as he rips down toward the Fallen Walker. But as for the location of the pacifist colony
that Efrideet visits. We still don’t know. The Lady Efrideet grimoire card reads,
The Vanguard are also intrigued by Efrideet’s accounts of a nonmilitary Guardian community
in the deep system, but Efrideet, though happy to talk about the group’s pacifist philosophies,
refuses to disclose the settlement’s location at present. In addition, in-game, the Pacifist community
is said to be in the out-rim. Whilst, we have not seen Efrideet as a vendor
since Destiny 1, apparently she returned during the Red War in secret and witnessed the Traveler
re-awkening, and according to her, she is coming home. The Cosmos Shell lore entry reads,
The old doubts came back when the Light went out. But the iron in her bones, worn and rusted
as it was, never buckled. The Light was gone, but holding a sniper rifle
still felt right. She marched into the City beneath a refugee’s
hood, took up a roost in the building with the white rabbit, and killed 216 Cabal with
199 bullets. She cried when the Traveler woke before her
eyes. At her hip a radio blinked to life. It had gone quiet when the Red Legion attacked. She answered it with trembling fingers. “I know,” she said. “I can see it. I can feel it.” “Even the stars are brighter now,” said the
voice over the radio. “The whole cosmos is ablaze.” She closed her eyes. “I can’t wait to see it. I’m coming home. Efrideet out.” So, here is hoping that Efrideet will return
at some point, and will reveal more information about the colony of guardian pacifists. Moving on, this is a big one, Question 13. Where is Savathun? Yes, 3 years ago we asked this question, we
asked where Savathun went after leaving Oryx in the Books of Sorrow, and we are getting
pretty close to now discovering what Savathun has been up to. This question first started with Savathun
leaving her siblings, Oryx and Xivu Arath. Verse 5:4 The Gift Mast from the books of
sorrow reads, “Then sayeth Savathûn, “Siblings, listen,
we must part ways a while, so that we may grow different.” She flies her war-moons into the black hole. Her throne becomes distant.” We would later discover, that Savathun was
already trying to manipulate the Hive tribute system. The hive tribute system is used to feed their
ever hungry worms, the underlings take the energy from killing and past it to their superiors
in a horror version of pyramid scheme. Savathun has been trying to escape/manipulate
the tribute system since the books of sorrow, the Injection lore entry reads,
But Savathûn, desiring neither a chain nor a pool, set about devising a secret way to
feed the worms of Her broods. Thus She would escape the trap. In Her modest cunning, which She prefers not
to be overstated so as to preserve her from the scorn of gossips, She gathered several
of Her Ascendants, who were in danger of being consumed by their worms. Then she pushed them through a rupture into
close orbit of a black hole. Deep in gravity’s embrace, time passed slowly
for them. “See how their worms are satisfied,” Savathûn
said, “for their hunger grows sluggishly, but their servants continue to dispatch tribute
at the ordinary rate.” But the worms sensed the deception, and increased
their demands. Thus, the orbiting sacrifices were consumed,
and their remnants fell into the event horizon from which not even the Hive might return. So, despite her attempts to fool the worm
gods it failed, the worms just increased the amount of tribute they require. Her most recent attempt to manipulate the
Tribute system, was to feed the worms not off violence but using trickery and cunning. Savathun planned that any time someone failed
to understand her, this would count as tribute. The Thank you lore entry reads,
“Now I have tried to put an Ascendant in orbit of a black hole while its spawn gather the
tribute of an eon. But the worm is not satisfied, for it sees
the trick. What I must do is amplify the speed at which
tribute is gathered. A pocket world where time passes quickly would
do well. Or a world where time is a torus and infinite
violence might be gathered. With such a murder battery, I could become
a being of supreme insight.” The Thrall indicated it was confused, but
not lost. “With this tribute, I shall undertake a mighty
work. A real humdinger of a scheme. I’m going to refinance my entire existence. I’m going to move from an existential economy
based on the accumulation of violence to an existential economy based on the accumulation
of secrets and the tribute of failing-to-understand-me. I shall name this tribute of failing-to-understand
IMBARU, for it shall be as formless as the mist.” After guardians defeated Oryx, and his throne
left vacant, Savathun looked to claim the throne and control over the Taken. Toland says in-game, that the Vex mind Quria
is how Savathun is controlling the Taken. Toland says,
“Quria is the key the mind simulates Oryx and thereby masters the power to take, but
of course Quria is no power onto its self.” With this ability to control the Taken, Savathun
also gains control over Riven. The Boots of the Great Hunt reads,
I did not notice her. That means [the light] did not notice her. She knows that though I am [Taken], I am beholden
to no one. So I ask her if she wishes to take up those
strings. She does. And I take a new shape. My cage loses its purpose. I can tell this is not a part of her grand
design. This is an introduction. She is at play. Through our new bond, I glimpse her intention. And I hope she remains at play. Most of those who [bargain] with me do not
win. She releases vibrant, unrestrained bursts
of air from her face. I do not. Guardians who then fought Riven fuelled the
last wish, which was to enact the Dreaming City Curse, where Dul Incaru, Savathun’s
daughter, gained access to the Shattered Throne. We are now stuck in a time loop of having
to constantly defeat Dul Incaru. The Dreaming City curse is still not resolved. Perhaps a clue to Savathun’s location or
future plans, is when Lavinia travelled to the Nine’s realm. Lavinia was a training cryptach obsessed with
discovering the Nine, and when she went through a portal to the Nine, she encountered a witch,
the Witch lore entry reads, “Someplace where you’re appreciated. Where we can really use everything you’ve
learned.” The old lady pours a thin stream of tea into
a cup of bone. “Didn’t I tell you that you were lucky, back
when you were born?” The reason why this is important, is because
Savathun’s daughter, Dul Incaru, also has a bone tea set. The Thank You entry reads,
Dûl Incaru serves you poison in a fine tea set of Ahamkara bone. Does this mean, Savathun is exploring or has
access to the Nine’s realm? Lastly, Savathun also wanted to control and
spy upon the Cabal. Savathun enchanted a crown, known as the Crow
of Sorrow, with the hope that anyone who would wear the Crown would come under her control. Calus obviously saw this trick and had Ghalran
wear the crown, only to invite Guardians to defeat the Hive/Cabal in the Crown of Sorrow
raid. We have had lots of lore about Savathun, but
still we have not encountered the Hive queen herself. Fingers crossed for Shadowkeep. Moving on. Question 14. Where is Xivu Arath? Similar to Savathun, many people are interested
in knowing what happened to the other sibling, Xivu Arath. However, unlike Savathun, Xivu Arath has had
very little information added since the books of sorrow. As far as I am aware, we have only seen the
addition of named enemies in Destiny 2 Forsaken, such as the, Spawn of Xivu Arath, venom of
xivu arath, ferocity of xivu arath, will of Xivu arath. But no new lore as far as I know. Moving along, Question 15. Where is Taox? Now, I partially covered this topic in part
1 of this video. Taox was the one to betray Oryx and his siblings,
who originally we part of the Osmium throne. So, for many Taox is the Osmium Traitor. In the strike mission, Savathun’s song,
we actually see a named enemy called Osmium Traitor. This could be Taox, this could mean that Savathun
revived or recovered Taox or it could mean nothing. Alternatively, maybe Taox is still out there,
and once again has reverted to some sort of Cryostasis to remain alive. Verse 3:5 from the Books of Sorrow demonstrates
Taox ability to stay alive for long periods of time. It reads, Mercenary explorers [disposable class] discovered
an organism frozen in stasis deep within the hull. She claims to be Taox, member of a proto-Hive
species. During debriefing, she provided records of
the fall of Ammonite civilization and vital intelligence about the motives, biology, and
leadership of the Hive. Moving along, another massive question, Question
16. Where are the Nine located exactly? This is a tough topic, but we definitely have
a lot of information to try and understand what the Nine are, and where the Nine are,
that being said, like much of lore it is up to your interpretation. My interpretation is this, the Nine sound
like this ancient god-like beings from the Dawn of Time; they are everything, and they
are nothing, they are gods observing the universe, yet they cannot interact with the universe,
or they have limited interaction with the universe, they witnessed the development of
civilization, and they almost want to relinquish their god-hood to be like mortals, to think,
to feel, to see, to hear. They want to be part of our material, chemical
universe. A training cryptach known as Lavinia accessed
this realm of the Nine but passing through a portal. The Gate lore entry reads,
Lavinia reads this again, horrified and fascinated. Something on the far side of the gate is learning
to assemble atoms, molecules, even haphazard life… something from a world of darkness
and dust, probing its way into our structured existence, trying to cobble together a message,
an emissary, a body… The Nine are on the far side of this gate. She’s sure of it. She’s found them. Then we get what is likely the best description
of the Nine, the Nine lore entry reads, Lavinia Garcia Umr Tawil comprehends the Nine. They were already ancient when the first human
beings named themselves. Their flesh was older than stars: the dark
dust wind that blows through the galaxy, pinched by the gravity of Sol and its planets, drawn
into their cores and exhaled again. These were the Nine. …
But life arose on the worlds at the heart of the Nine, tiny complicated motions of ecosystems
and metabolisms and computations. That life left mass-shadows in the wind of
the Nine, plucking at them like harp strings. From these trembles of structure the Nine
learned to seed enormous resonating waves, thoughts vaster than worlds. …
They had no eyes to catch light. They had no ears to hear. And yet they turned their wills upon the alien
world of Matter, and strove to learn, for they knew they had to protect their hearts,
or die. With a horror of revelation so absolute that
it would drive her mad if she still had sanity to lose, Lavinia understands where the Nine
have always been. They are within everyone, every system, every
living and moving thing. Trillions and pentillions of slim dark matter
tentacles plunged through all our bodies, drinking up the complexity of our lives and
thoughts. We are all pinched silhouettes impaled on
the twitchings of infinitely long spiderlegs. Personally, I would like to read over all
the Nine lore again, and even get some different opinions, but for the moment, I would say
the Nine live in this god-observation realm, separate but also connected to our universe. The Witch lore entry explains how the Nine
want the light to free themselves from their realm, it reads,
Came now the Traveler, and with it a strange hope—for the Traveler’s Light had the power
to cause without causation! If the Nine had the Light, they could seed
their own minds, free themselves from the dependence on matter-life! They could gain forces beyond Gravity to structure
themselves, and so become more than wraiths of dark dust. They could enter the mad alien superworld
of our chemical reality. I don’t think we will get much more lore
on the Nine, I am sure they will return eventually in the future, but considering how much lore
has already been dedicated to explaining the Nine, I don’t expect to see more lore for
some time. Moving on, question number 17. Where is Toland? The grimoire card that started this mystery
is perhaps my favourite lore entry in all of Destiny. In the Ghost Fragment: The hellmouth grimoire
card, Toland reveals that he met the Deathsinger which killed him, however somehow he survived
in some different state. The grimoire card reads,
I, too, am detached from my source. The charming Ir Yût made her introductions,
and I was very pleased to meet her. We had a conversation, a little tête-à-Yût,
a couple old wizards exchanging definitions. I defined myself a friend. She defined for me the quiddity of death,
and she sang the song of that fearful autonomy. Revelation, my friends, it does go down hard. The definition killed me. The killing redefined me. With the release of Taken King and the Dreadnaught,
many speculated the white orb upon the dreadnaught was Toland, but it was not until Forsaken
was released and that white orb spoke to us, the dialogue icon on screen revealed that
the White orb was in-fact Toland. So, yes, Toland did enter the Hive neitherworld
after learning the deathsingers song in the Hive Hellmouth and he continues to guide us
through the hive ascendant plane. Moving on, question number 18. Where is Osiris? This is a bit of a sore point for me, when
Curse of Osiris was released, it was a low point for the Destiny community and quite
a tough time for lore content creators, because they had removed the grimoire cards. Consequently, Osiris doesn’t have a huge
amount of lore, and the lore that did come with Curse of Osiris, was just not very interesting
considering the potential of Osiris. I think the most important lore about Osiris
comes from the Web comic. Osiris is in a fierce conversation with the
Speaker. It reads,
Osiris: They’re already able to simulate citizens. I believe they intend to begin simulating
Guardians. Tell me, Speaker, what happens when they simulate
someone, from the largest structure down to the smallest particle? Speaker: Rubbish, it’s impossible. It… Osiris: I’ll tell you what happens.. They produce peferectly simulated Guardians
that they can kill and resurrect a million times until they know the real deal better
than we know ourselves. They simulate the Traveler’s Light. And they use that to kill us all. So, Osiris is very concerned with Vex’s
ability to simulate the light, we of course, see Saint-14 killed by such a simulation,
as the Vex created a machine to specifically simulate the light of Saint-14. Following this argument with the Speaker,
Osiris would leave/be exiled from the Tower. With the Curse of Osiris DLC we would discover
Osiris in the Infinite Forrest researching and battling the Vex. Without covering the whole of Curse of Osiris
campaign, that is about all that happens, we defeat the Curse of Osiris campaign, and
Osiris returns to the Infinite Forrest. I think most would agree, now that Bungie
has hit their stride with the lore books, it would be awesome to receive some more lore
on Osiris. Moving on, question number 19. Where is Saint-14? Now, I briefly covered this in part one, where
I tried to answer the question, is Saint-14 really the Speakers son. Now, firstly, I have an update on this mystery,
I actually missed a paragraph the web comic which pretty much confirms Saint-14 is not
really the Speakers son. The webcomic says,
Dont tell me you still believe in the Speaker enough to call him “Father”
So there you have it, Saint-14 is not really the Speaker’s son, just a loyal follower. Now like I said in Part one, we discovered
Saint-14’s body within the Vex simulation. The made a specific mind with the sole function
of draining his light. Lastly, question number 20. Where is Prince Uldren? We have sooo much lore on Prince uldren with
the release of Destiny 2 Forsaken. Following the Awoken battle with Oryx, Prince
Uldren escaped the chaos and crash landed on Mars. The Aftermath grimoire card reads,
The Techeuns should’ve known what the Dreadnaught could do. Must’ve known. Did they not feel what he felt? Hear what he heard? And that damn Ketch, it wasn’t protected. They had to know that. All to deploy the Harbingers. They barely got a foothold before the weapon
was fired. He thought of Petra and how overwhelmed she
must be, forced to hold her post, and watch her people perish. He tried to calm himself again, forcing long
breaths. He realized where he was: Mars. Athabasca. The Candor Isles. He hadn’t been here in so long, not since
he found the Black Garden. The countdown to the shield’s deactivation
pulsed. He tried again, to home in on her, to find
if she truly gave herself for this battle. He felt close to something, a hum of starlight,
then shield deactivation broke his focus. Prince uldren then planet hopped to get the
attention of the House of Kings. He was intentionally caught by the Kings so
that he would be brought before the Kell of Kings, and then kill the Kell. The ghost fragment The Reef 4 grimoire card
reads, He let his captors drag him through the dirt. His arms ached. Two hands wrapped around each bicep like iron
bands. He slumped, and the toes of his scuffed boots
bumped over the stones and left trails in the dust. He kept his eyes low, a ragged and stained
cloak hanging over his face. It was not a position to which he was accustomed. They debased him. They abused him. He bit the inside of his cheek until the blood
filled his mouth. He struggled not to resist. They needed to believe he was broken. That he wasn’t a threat. Following this, we don’t quite know when
Uldren was infected by the Darkness, which could of occurred during the battle with Oryx,
however, now Uldren is obsessed with finding his sister, Mara Sov, and his corruption is
represented by the Dark clouds in his eyes. Uldren would then resurrect Fikrul, who would
become the Fallen of the Scorn, who are fuelled by ether tainted by the Darkness. Uldren is then captured and throne into the
Prison of Elders, with the other Scorn, only to escape with a prison break lead by Fikrul. The prison break that resulted in Cayde-6’s
death. Uldren then resumes his search for his sister,
mara sov, haunted by hallucinations of her. It is revealed that his hallucinations were
caused by Riven who was trying to escape the dreaming city, and required both Light and
Darkness to open the Gateway. After opening the Gateway Uldren is consumed
by the voice of riven, who was then destroyed by Guardians, Uldren then returns without
the Darkness, only to be killed by our Guardian/petra venj. Finally, Uldren is revived as guardian by
the ghost Pulled Pork. And as of writing this video, Guardian Uldren
has not been seen! Wow. It is really cool to see how much this game
has developed in story over the last three years! And with that, that concludes this destiny
2 lore episode. If you would like to support the channel and
cannot think of a comment, you can leave the words, Pulled Pork, to represent
Guardian Uldren’s new ghost, Pulled pork. As usual, it has been a pleasure, this is
myelin games. Peace.

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  • This is gonna be a long comment but hear me out. The Traveler is shown in the intro to D1 terraforming Mars. We can view it as a kind of icon for the ultimate creative force. It gave life to the Ghosts who in turn reanimated the dead by using the Traveler's own paracausal spark that we call Light. If The Traveler can be viewed as a force of creation the Darkness can then be viewed as a personification of Destruction. The simplest geometric figures one can make that have length, width, and height are circles or triangles. The circle has zero angles and the triangle has the minimum number of angles required to form a structure without curves: three. If you look at the symbols for male and female in pretty much any ancient culture, you can associate curves and smoothness with femininity and hard angles with masculinity. Thus the pyramid is the antithesis of the sphere. The Traveler is referred to as female numerous times in the lore and now we can sort of get an idea of why. There is a line of dialogue from Xur that says The Traveler has a "dark mirror". And Pujari's famous line recently echoed by Ikora also supports this: In these things there is symmetry."Throughout all of D1 The Darkness was portrayed as a formless force in opposition to The Traveler. It is The Traveler's ancient enemy and it's power manipulated the people of Fundament to create a symbiotic relationship with a parasitic species resulting in the creation of The Hive. The five Worm Gods ensnared the Osmium siblings by using the shibboleth, "O ___ mine", the very same that Ahamkara and more recently Calus have used. Ahamkara, The Worms, and Calus are seemingly disconnected threads that all use this same phrase. What do they have in common? The Worms are agents of The Deep which as far as we know is synonymous with The Darkness. Ahamkara are paracausal beings who feed on desire and seem particularly drawn towards ending life rather than bringing it forth. According to the Dust lore book and some dialogue from The Emmisary, formerly Orin, Xur was created as a vessel for the will of The Nine as a direct result of the Great Ahamkara Hunt. We are told that The Nine first discovered the Ahamkara and became fascinated with their paracausal abilities in the hopes that their wish granting powers might be used to give form to the formless and allow The Nine to gain physical form.Once Guardians hunted them to extinction, The Nine created Xur to observe and treat with the Guardians who had the very same paracausal ability. The Nine being formless can influence our universe in one way. They can manipulate Dark Energy. In astrophysics there are two primary forces at work in the universe. The one most understood is the force which pulls bodies toward one another. This is gravity, it can be thought of as a ripple in spacetime like throwing a stone into a still pond, the pond is space and the ripples are spherical. The other, less understood, force is as yet unproven. We cannot see it or measure it but there is a force working in opposition to gravity which repels bodies from one another. We call this force Dark Energy. It is the space between atoms; the space between stars. It is Darkness in every sense of the word.The Nine can manipulate Dark Energy. Calus met something at the "Dark Edge of The Universe". This something caused a change in him so profound that he never showed himself in the flesh to any of his followers ever again except for his robotic doopelgangers. Stolen Intelligence also makes mention of Dark Energy tendrils surrounding the Leviathan and we know Calus has had dealings with The Nine from various pieces of lore and from his Menagerie dialogue. Stolen Intelligence claims that The Nine wanted to see if Ghaul truly has the power to take the Light from The Traveler and so they used Dark Energy to black out all of the Vanguard's defense satellites. They were directly responsible for the events of the Red War. Lavinia meets the old woman who is almost certainly Dul Incaru, daughter of Savathun, on the Plains of The Nine on the other side of the gate on Cocytus suggesting that there is a connection between the Ascendant realm and The Plains of The Nine. They carved out a chunk of their realm and "gifted" it to Drifter giving him access to ancient Taken primevals by way of dark motes antithetical to the motes of light we've been utilizing for supers. The Nine claim to be a neutral party in the greater narrative conflict.
    Lets put this altogether. We have manipulative formless beings who have been shown to be in opposition to The Traveler who manipulate Dark Energy and have had dealings with Calus, The Ahamkara, and The Hive. Their symbol is a series of circles with angular shapes overlayed on top of them, emblematic of both forces in the major narrative conflict. They are behind nearly every watershed moment in the narrative since the start of D2. The gave Drifter the power to use The Taken though notably not the power to create new ones. So now we come to the crux of this theory. I think there is enough lore to support this crazy spinfoil twist. The Nine IS the Darkness. They always have been, and they have been pretending to be a neutral party in the hopes that we might ally with them. The pyramid ships are a red herring, likely crewed by other failed experiments The Darkness has created. Possibly even the Aphelion we've been hearing so much about.

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  • I just saw this, and I wanted to say, in regards to the Savathun thing. She says she needs an endless battery to power the worm gods sacrifice. She's essentially done that by cursing the dreaming city to be in an endless 3 week cycle.

  • I never thought about this until now but since Efrideet was already at the tower her saying she "coming home" could mean she's going back to the pacifists location.

  • Every time I see the Toland Lore I card, I imagine going down like this: A sex witch coming to Toland ears saying: How it feels to chew 5 gum! And boom, he dies.

  • Every video he straight up murders the pronunciation of like 5 words and it makes me cringe. Like, he doesn't even know how to say metabolism? Has he never seen that word before? If not, maybe LOOK IT UP before you send the video out?