4th of July Family Routine!! Party at the Park, Face Paint, Swimming Pool,  and Fireworks with kids!

4th of July Family Routine!! Party at the Park, Face Paint, Swimming Pool, and Fireworks with kids!

– Say hi! Hi. Hi. – Hi. (kissing smacks) (baby mumbles) (drum beat echoes) (Jenny mumbles) – [Shaun] Oh yeah, you are looking good! Adley, what’s today? – Fireworks day. – [Shaun] Holy cow, what’s fireworks day? – It’s where we watch
the fireworks like this. (“The Star-Spangled Banner”) – [Shaun] (mimics explosions) Exactly, guess what it’s called? The Fourth of July.
– Of July. – [Shaun] Stensli is this your
very first Fourth of July? – It is. At least in America, yeah.
– Yes. Well, celebrate independence, let’s go. Are we ready? – Yeah! – [Shaun] Yeah!
– Yeah! I’m ready to go and blast off! – [Shaun] Blast off! – Woo! (light rock music) – That’s Papa! That one. Oh, yeah. She’s getting the fireworks. Lemme see. Woo! – Daddy, I wanna go show Mom.
– Let’s go show Mom. – Look what I got! – Look at your face. – I got painting over there. – I love it. – [Shaun] Oh yeah, what are you doing? – I need some cash. – [Shaun] For what? – The baby contest. – [Shaun] You’re entering a baby contest? – Yes. – You’re not even a baby. – I’m entering Niko. – Niko? You’re entering the baby contest? No, I have zero money on me. – [Jenny] Seven dollars Stensli, and I’ll pay you back. – [Shaun] Stensli’s loaded. – Six. – [Shaun] Ooh. – Ooh, I wonder, babe go sweet talk ’em. – [Shaun] So we rounded up $14 that says we have the cutest baby, does that work? – [Host] Yeah, that’s fine. – [Shaun] Yes, they said yes! Put this on Niko. – Whoever’s carrying the baby she said. – Oh, me and Niko are in this together. I got you bud, we gonna go win it all. – [Announcer] All right, here we go. This is number 46. 32 is right here. And this is 48. (crowd cheers) It’s okay, exit stage left, mom. – [Adley] Go Niko! Go Niko! – [Announcer] Bye! – Crushed it! – [Jenny] Good job, Niko!
– He already won a sippy cup. You won that! – [Jenny] Whoa! You did so good. You did so good. You were so cute. We won! – [Announcer] Okay, and for best hair, – Chub, chub, chub, chub. – [Adley] Dad, did Niko win? – Hey, he’s a chunky baby. – [Jenny] Did you win the
chub chub chub contest? – He’s doing the chubbiest. – [Jenny] We’re eatin’ cookies. Is it good? – Look at Adley’s tongue. – [Jenny] Ew, it’s blue! – [Shaun] All right, what are we doing? – We’re going on the bounce house. But we gotta wait for the line. – [Shaun] I’m gonna do a big jump. – You’re gonna jump down the slide? – [Shaun] Yeah, what are you gonna do? – Jump and then slide. – [Shaun] Okay. – [Jenny] What are we doing? We’re playing some bingo for kids, huh? Uh-oh. We messed up. – Her nose hurts. – [Jenny] Awh, I’m sorry. Are you ready to play some bingo? – Yeah, this! – [Jenny] Woohoo! – She’s pretty tough. That was like a really hard fall. I don’t even wanna put it in the vlog. That was sad. She fell hard. She bounced and then ran all the way down, and then splat. – [Jenny] That’s sad. – But she’s tough, huh? Let’s see your muscles. (grunts) – [Jenny] Yes. (Shaun playfully yells) – [Jenny] Niko, how does it
feel to win the chubbiest baby? – Yeah, you got the most chubby chub chub. There you go. Oh yeah. And then you gotta put flavor in it. – [Jenny] Whoa, it’s changing purple. – [Shaun] See look,
it’s changing to purple. – [Jenny] All right, we
all enjoying our ICEEs? – I’m basically just a cup holder. Stensli, how’s your first Fourth of July? – It’s been good so far. – [Shaun] More to come. – The party’s just beginning. – Yeah. That yummy? I think he likes it. – More? Yum. – [Jenny] Ooh, cold, cold! (water splashing) (children screaming) – This is the best day ever! (chill electronic music) (children laughing) – Woohoohoo! (speaks faintly) Look at these beautiful blue skies. And it’s raining. So weird, but I kinda like it, it’s like warm rain. You guys have to jam both these. – You gotta jam ’em both.
– Or Jenny wins. There’s one! That was a good jam. Half time show. Oh, he almost win. – Winners! – [Shaun] She’s happy. – Yeah. – [Shaun] Hey, what are you doing? (laughs) – We’re going swimming at Cindy’s house and I already got my swimsuit on when I was in my car seat. – [Shaun] Oh yeah! – So now I can go swimming! – [Shaun] Woo! (chill electronic music) (water splashes) (Shaun faintly cheers) (Shaun faintly speaks) (water splashes) This is a great idea, do it. (Shaun laughs) That was a great idea! Hi. (Adley growls) – [Jenny] He wants that. He wants it! – [Jenny] (yells) Both my kids. – I’m hoppin’ on. Niko wants to vlog. – He does. – They did it! Kinda. No! (laughs) Almost. – Almost. This is our fourth iron man. No way it’s happening, no way. – [Grandma] There you go. – [Shaun] Okay babe, you
gotta catch for that. – I’m gonna catch it. (family laughs) Woohoo! – Aah! (water splashes) (Niko and Jenny laugh) Hi, hi. I got your toes. – No! (Jenny laughs) – Wee! He’s floatin’. – He’s floatin’ on his back. – He likes it.
– He’s just relaxin’. – Say hi. Hi. Hi. – Hi. (kissing smacks) (Niko mumbles) (Jenny mumbles) – We don’t know what he’s saying. (Niko mumbles) – [Jenny] All I know is
please don’t hit my baby. My baby! (family laughs) – [Relative] The one rule. The one rule.
– Jenny almost hit Niko. (chill electronic music) Oh yeah! That’s a point. Oh yeah, Sarah! Oh my goodness. Yeah! Hi! What’s up bud? (babies mumble) Aah! (children scream) What’s up guys? – There’s a monster! – [Shaun] Where? – [Young Boy] Right there! (Shaun screams) – [Shaun] That looks amazing! Who brought it, do you know? – Sage and Jordan made ’em. – [Shaun] Sage, Jordan. Congrats on that skillset. Hi, buddy. Just relaxin’. – We’re eatin’ some dinner now. – It’s very yummy. Mm, good stuff.
– Nom nom nom. Babe you need to try one
of the s’mores things. I was trying to peer pressure Stensli. – What’s the bottom part of it? – [Female Relative] It’s
like a graham cracker. – Graham cracker. – [Shaun] Do it, Stensli. S’mores. – [Jenny] S’mores. – [Shaun] S’mores troll. Yes! – Expecto Patronum. Expecto Patronum. – [Shaun] What do you think? – Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. – [Shaun] Mm-hmm, good yeah? Good job, guys. What do you think, Babe? – Delish. – Om nom nom nom nom. – Oh, shoot! Oh, shoot.
– Just let him go for it. It’s watermelon. Yeah, muscles! Hey, do you know where Adley is? – Yeah. – [Shaun] Adley. Where are you? (children laugh) – Knocked down my fort! This is our fort. – [Shaun] Wow. – Hey, that was for my ceiling! (Shaun laughs) – [Shaun] All right,
now where are we going? That’s so pretty. What color are you doing? – [Adley] Red. – [Shaun] Adley, what
are we going to do now? – Firework! – [Shaun] Woo! Ready, stencil? – [Stensli] Oh, yeah. – [Shaun] When was the last
time you saw fireworks? – New Year’s Eve. – [Shaun] This looks so cool. Oh, hi. Whoa, hey! Oh, why thank you. – Okay, you can come. – [Shaun] Thank you. Your car’s so cool. Adley, what is all this stuff? – I don’t know. – [Shaun] I think it’s fireworks. – [Young Boy] Guess what?
– What? – Moo! (crowd cheering) – Three, two, one, blast off! (firework explodes) – [Shaun] Woo! No, there he goes! Oh! Bye. – [Young Girl] It’s
landing in our backyard. (Shaun laughs) – [Shaun] It’s out of here. What are those? – Pop-Its. (Shaun screams) – I wanna go step on some. (Pop-Its snap) – [Shaun] What, that was crazy! Oh, no. (Pop-Its snap) What? (firework explodes) Get it! (children yelling) (family laughing) I don’t know if you guys
have ever seen these, but I’ve never seen ’em ’til this year. They’re like the pops you throw. They’re like, little dynamite sticks. Throw it careful. (Sticks pop)
Woo! – Broom broom. – [Shaun] What? See ya! (Young Girl laughs) Whoa, she has a fast broom! (children scream) You guys are crazy witches. – Turn him into a rat! – [Shaun] Aah! They turned me into a rat! – (mumbles) Make you into a sweeper. (firework explodes) Oh, there goes the parachute! – [Young Boy] Holden, hold up! – [Young Girl] I’m gonna
get your little butt. (children scream) – [Shaun] Adley’s trying to keep up. Look how beautiful that is. That’s such a beautiful sky. Are you tired? (Parents laugh) – She’s tired. – [Shaun] What’d you do
today, play with friends? – Yeah. – Splash pad, pool,
face paintings, fun day. (chill electronic music) (“Hedwig’s Theme)

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