4 Free PS4 Giveaways!

what’s up everybody this is your boy
Greg the gameaholic, in this episode I am about to go in the game stop and
buy one of the consoles from one of the previous winners but if you’re brand new
I’m giving away four consoles absolutely for free and then one level for my
exclusive paying members so right now there’s literally tomorrow is the
deadline for one of the console giveaways so you basically have to
redeem the scavenger codes at the bottom once you actually want to sign up the
link is in the description below you’ll see console giveaways 1 & 2
that’s the referral console giveaway and then console giveaway number 3 that’s to
redeem these passwords console giveaway number 3 the one you redeem the password
ends tomorrow so go in there get as many entries as you can and then you can go
into the other one and sign up and get those giveaways as well or into those
for free as well and then if you want to be a part of the 4th console giveaway
all you have to do was text the number that’s in the description text the word
epic once you receive that actual message it’s gonna say hey fill out the
contact form so that way I’m know I’m talking to but again the work ethic to
that number if you already a Texas bribery you’ve already text the word
epic or any other keyword don’t do it again you’re already good to go for this
giveaway but this is for people who want to sign up for the Texas privates but
again the other thing is normally this person one is named Steven he actually
wants to win a Playstation 4 he won but usually I’d do just a basic PlayStation
4 but this is Black Friday and they have some good prices he’s actually going to
get a PlayStation 4 pro Call of Duty bundle so again congratulations Steven
thanks for the love and support for everyone but again go ahead and get your
entries and then lastly for the fifth console giveaway that’s tricky towards
my paid members these members pay a membership fee of at least five dollars
and up alright gotta do is going to the link you know and then sign up where it
says membership giveaway those members they actually take a quiz
each question you get right on the quiz will be an entry towards that giveaway
and I do that monthly so the last day to sign up for that one for that giveaway
will be November 5th if you sign up for any time after I’m sorry
December 5th if you sign up for it after December 5th you will go into next
month’s giveaway all right with that being seen
thank you I’m about to go ahead and gain something by this game the monster by my
nephew some games – ah now I might buy myself a game – while I’m at it and his
coal is raining in Arizona bout know some places it’s snowing but now I’m
excited here we go let’s go and get this stuff together how you doing still no sir I’m good I’m grill wanted
to get the playstation 4 call of duty bundles pollen duty bundle yeah alright
and I’m also going to pick up a couple games and stuff too I know what I want
hopefully you guys still got Oh No by 4:30 but yeah I need it brother
I’m actually giving this from away so the actual box just got a little better
okay the dis make sure the the cause will be bundled it has to probably do be
on the box right it should yeah but marketing
purposes it might come pop up this again all
right sue I also wanted to pick up spider-man on
ps4 that you guys don’t have it I think you guys had long scale yeah now we do a new Christmas gift for
that and did enough so see if you guys still have a sale on tough horse and
Santa Cruz oh my youtube channel I’ve been doing
this for years that’s how I got all those points but basically people come
in they either watch my YouTube stuff they do trivia contests and things like
that that looks good I get paid off the ad revenue that’s how
I keep it free for everybody if you everyone check it out as Greg the game
of haulin I’m wearing my shirt all right so happy holiday all right y’all got the
goods got the goods there we go console all right Shawn by
the head back to work max no my lunch break actually my lunch was another for
another two hours but it was like we got like two of these left so I called like
three other game stuff they didn’t have him anymore so I had to go get it now
but again congratulations Steven make sure again you ridhima the scavenger
code that was at the bottom you got to redeem them in order if you have any
questions comments concerns theories hypotheses feedback conclusions or just
want to say what’s up make sure you do so
begin got this pretty thing right here oh there we go
like a dish playstation 4 call of duty so again
congratulations Steven PlayStation exclusive special survival mode all
right there you go all right so again thanks for watching make sure you like
make sure you subscribe make sure you’re signed up for the contest I’ve been
doing this for years and I’m gonna keep it going cuz I love y’all I appreciate
y’all alright job oh also again there’s one more day left
for one of the console giveaways but then you have time for the other console
giveaways again once you click on those links it will be a list of tasks you can
complete so if you want to get your entries on one of them you’ll be able to
watch free watch this video through there so if you want to do that make
sure you do so have fun have any questions let me know and you’re gonna
enjoy your guys’s holidays and I will see you guys soon peace love y’all

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