15 Best FREE iOS & Android Games of 2020 [FPS]

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We’re kicking this list off with one of the most highly anticipated mobile games of
the year. That’s right, it’s Call of Duty: Mobile! Developed by Activision Publishing, the free
FPS game takes up no less than 1.4 gigs of storage. So make sure to free up some space because
you’ll definitely want to play this one! Call of Duty: Mobile is currently under pre-registration
in select regions on Android but the Closed Beta is also coming soon to iOS. No list of free FPS games for mobile would
be complete without Frag Pro Shooter. This 311 MB title developed by Oh BiBi combines
elements of FPS and TPS to create a unique action-packed experience. The game seems partially inspired by Overwatch
but puts an interesting twist on the Hero Shooter formula by having teams compete in
a sports arena! In spite of its unusual setting, however,
this is a classic shooter through and through. Next up on our list is the one and only Fortnite:
Battle Royale, the worldwide phenomenon that continues to be played by millions of gamers
every day. The mobile version of this spectacular title
was developed by Epic Games and weights a massive 1.8 gigs. It’s well worth it, though! Fortnite: Battle Royale is available on iOS
via iTunes and Android via Epic’s official website, which we linked to in the video description. You knew this one just had to be on our list! PUBG mobile is one of the most popular free
FPS games out there and with good reason. The game was developed by Tencent Mobile and
looks pretty much identical to its counterparts on PC and consoles. Not only that, but the gameplay is also as
solid as you would expect. You will need about 2.4 gigs of free space
for this one, but you definitely won’t be disappointed by what it offers! Is your iPhone still a little light on free
FPS games about zombies? Well, Into the Dead 2 by studio PikPok should
fix that little problem. This 1.2 GB survival game features a dark
and atmospheric art style along with a very robust combat system. Even more impressive is the fact that Into
the Dead 2 comes with multiple endings and a storyline that evolves based on the decisions
you make throughout the game. Get ready to make some room on your iPhone
because this next one weights a whopping 2.8 gigs! The game in question is Modern Combat Versus,
a multiplayer focused FPS that features absolutely stunning graphics. In fact, this Gameloft-developed title is
arguably one of the best looking free FPS games on mobile right now. If you’ve never played Modern Combat Versus
before, you owe it to yourself to give it a try asap! Put on your big boy pants because next up
we have an arcade horror game called Granny! This 377 MB title created by Dennis ‘DVloper’
Vukanovic is a classic survival story about being trapped in a haunted house. The house is inhabited by a ghostly figure
simply known as Granny, who is a lot scarier than she may sound. To make matters worse, you only have 5 days
to escape before Granny makes you a permanent resident of the place. Keeping up with the whole undead theme, next
up we have Unkilled, a 967 MB zombie shooter developed by Madfinger games. Unkilled in set in New York City and lets
you play as an elite soldier charged with stopping the zombie apocalypse. There are five unique characters to choose
from and you’ll need to join forces with other players in order to combat this threat. Unkilled is available on both Android and
iOS. Standoff 2 is yet another free FPS game that
uses the classic gameplay formula popularized by Counter-Strike. The game is currently still in Beta but already
features 6 maps, 3 game modes, and a wide variety of weapons. Standoff 2 is a very competitive game and
can only be played online on both iOS and Android. You’ll need about 1 GB of free storage to
play this tactical shooter developed by Axlebolt. If you’re into lighthearted free FPS games
you’ll definitely get a kick out of this next game. Clear Vision 4 – Brutal Sniper is a 131
MB game where you get to play as an experienced assassin. Your weapon of choice is, of course, a sniper
rifle. In spite of its rather dark theme, this FPS
developed by Eldring Games has a very humorous tone. The game uses stick figure visuals and a lot
of hilarious death animations. Next up on our list we have Forward Assault,
one of the best free FPS games inspired by Counter-Strike. This 634 MB tactical shooter developed by
Blayze Games features intense gameplay and gorgeous graphics. More importantly, however, the game offers
a wide variety of guns to choose from and plenty of customization options for each of
them. Forward Assault also includes both offline
and multiplayer online game modes. And coming up next we have Modern Ops: Online. This is yet another PvP focused FPS that borrows
quite a few gameplay elements from classic Counter-Strike titles. Developed by Edkon Games, Modern Ops: Online
will set you back 586 MB and offers action-packed combat with more than 30 different weapons
to choose from. The game is also set to receive a Battle Royale
mode sometime in the near future so keep an eye out for that
And next up we have an insanely fun 1.4 GB FPS known as Pixel Gun 3D. This one comes courtesy of Cubic Games and
can perhaps be best described as Minecraft Battle Royale! However, don’t worry about digging tunnels
or building blocky structures here because this game is all about the combat. With more than 11 game modes and over 200
weapons to choose from, Pixel Gun 3D is certain to scratch that FPS itch in a big way! Ever wanted to play Portal on your iPhone? Well, now you can! Sort of. Portalize is a 49 MB puzzle game developed
by Heaval that looks nearly identical to Valve’s highly Portal acclaimed series. Graphics aside, the gameplay is also very
similar and revolves around solving various puzzles with the use of portals. Portalize currently features 15 different
mind-bending levels, with even more scheduled to be added in the near future. We’re wrapping things up with another Gameloft-developed
title. This time around it’s N.O.V.A Legacy, a
gorgeous sci-fi FPS that takes up a surprisingly low amount of storage space. The game only weights 93 MB on iOS and has
an even more compact size of just 39 MB on Android. You’d never guess the game is this small,
however, as N.O.V.A. Legacy has great graphics and features some
very solid gameplay to boot! To watch 15 more free fps games, click the
video on the left and to watch ‘coolest Android iOS games of all time’ click the one on the
right! Hope you enjoyed this video…see you in the
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