🎮 Welcome to Gaming Careers

🎮 Welcome to Gaming Careers

Welcome to the Gaming Careers YouTube Channel! My name’s Pete, I am a freelance videographer
who has been working as a filmmaker on YouTube specifically within the gaming niche for the
last 10 years. I’ve made this channel and all the videos
on it, just for you. If you’re an aspiring gamer and you’re looking
for new ways to edit your footage as well as learn about how to increase your production
value and grow your audience both on YouTube and on Twitch then you’ve come to the right
place. We’ve got design tutorials, software and hardware
reviews as well as loads and loads of tips and tricks to turbo boost your YouTube and
Twitch channels and make your passion into your profession. If all of this sounds like your cup of tea,
then be sure to hit the subscribe button and I’ll see you in the next video.

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19 thoughts on “🎮 Welcome to Gaming Careers”

  • I'm starting to get back into streaming after being out for nearly a year i have about 158 followers and would like to get back on the band wagon so im gonna follow the steps in your vids and il see how things go 😉 Thanks for these helpful videos Pete hope to see more like them.

  • Hey man, I must congrats you on making this channel, it's the right thing that all Fresh starting Youtubers needs. I already opened up 6 or 7 videos in new tabs and rdy for some work! Thanks! :)))

  • I just found your channel !! the thumbnails of your videos are AWESOME !!! High-quality video !! Amazing work !! A lot of things that help our channels be better !!! I subbed and keep this amazing work up !!

  • Pete, I want to say,.. thanks for helping people who have aspirations to making a career out of streaming or making YouTube videos. I give you my respects and lots of gratitude. If I ever become successful in this industry, I will most definitely give you all the support I can possibly give, thankful to have people like you Pete.

  • really love your tutorials! they are amazing. im not sure if you have anything on streaming a samsung device to obs but im kindof lost on that. im using mobizen and have no idea why my screen is still showing up black!!!

  • Pete could you make a video on what equipments and other perquisites that someone needs to start streaming fresh. Especially for console gaming.

  • Hi Gaming Careers – I've just discovered your YouTube channel and its really informative and so positive. I've just subscribed and will be learning more as I go and donate via Patreon. Thank you